Necromunda: Hired Gun – Best Weapons in the Game

This guide is specially dedicated to bringing you all the best weapons you can get in this game. This will also have more details about them. Let’s check it out…

All the best weapons in Necromunda: Hired Gun

This is a list of all the best weapons you can get in the game. The list is not arranged in order and is randomized. I will disclose my personal favorite at the end of this guide so be on the lookout for that.


Ironfist is a stub gun that comes in a silencer variety as well.  This variation usually contains a suppressor, long-barrel, yellow laser, mid-ranged scope, reinforced cylinder, and precision mechanism or frame.


Escher’s Kiss is an auto pistol. I find this weapon very unique and accurate for most parts. This also has a suppressor variant with attachments like a blue laser, long barrel, combat sight, and high-capacity magazine.


This is a bolt pistol which is also unique to this game. Usually, I see bolt actions in sniper rifles or normal rifles. To have this in a pistol is very interesting.

Since it is a bolt action, it is hard-hitting with decent bullet sounds. The second variant for Scars Machina has attachments like HV muzzle, Cyan Laser, Drum Magazine, Magnetic barrel, and a Long-Range Scope


Firebird is a plasma pistol that does decent damage. Instead of the standard “pew pew pew” this one does “pow pow pow”. OR at least that is how I would describe its firing action.

The weapons fire energy balls that do impact damage. The second or upgraded variant comes with a Green Laser, Combat Sight, a Concentrator, and Overloaded Cells.


This is a Sawed-Off Shotgun and just like any other shotgun does massive damage upfront. The second variant contains a Red Laser, Frag Ammo, Combat Sight, Spread Muzzle, and a Magnetic Barrel.


Vpanther is what you call an “AR”. In this game, it is called an Auto Weapon. The upgraded or modded version contains a Suppressor, Stalker Stock, green laser, drum mag, magnetic barrel, mid-ranged scope, and stalker foregrip.


Death bringer is a bolter weapon in the game. Pretty hard-hitting with a slow fire rate. The modded variant contains the long barrel, yellow laser, custom stock, capacity magazine, precision muzzle, mid-range scope, and a regular foregrip


This is an autogun, and a good one to be precise. This one comes with an HV muzzle, green laser, long barrel, combat sight, custom stock, drum mag, and custom foregrip.


This is a hard-hitting plasma weapon. And when I say weapon, this can hit hard. Similar to the plasma pistol this one also fires energy balls, but slightly bigger! The modded variant comes with a blue laser, merc stock, concentrator, overloaded cells, mid-range scope, and modulator assault.


Wrath is classified as a Gravgun in this game. This is similar to the burning sun but fires green energy balls. The upgraded variant comes with a red laser, hunter stock, modulator, concentrator, overloaded cells, and long-range scope.

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Hashin’s Eye is classified as a Long LAS. What I figured was that this is similar to a sniper or a KAR 98 to closely relate. This comes with a Long-range scope, modulator, hunter stock, concentrator, overloaded cells, and a pink laser.


This is a shotgun that does pretty decent damage. The pellet spread for the base variant is not that good even if the range is medium.

To make it work, you need to be up close with the enemies. The upgraded variant comes with a pink laser, custom stock, a spread muzzle to reduce the spread, a drum mag, a mid-range scope, and a compression barrel to increase damage.


This is a Stub Cannon. pretty chunky to carry with and hits hard from a short-range up to mid-range. The modded variant comes with a suppressor, yellow laser, smooth barrel, long-range scope, reinforced cylinder, and a precision mechanism to increase accuracy.


Doghammer is a combat shotty. This one has a tighter spread, to begin with. This spread is further reduced in the modded variant. That is credited to the Spread Muzzle followed by drum mag, combat sight, long barrel, merc stock, and a blue laser.


Iron Rain is a Heavy Stub and one of my favorites. I guess I am a sucker for Heavy autos regardless of the game! The recoil is big due to the large frame and firing mechanism of this weapon.

The upgraded variant has only 4 attachments, namely, a Cyan laser, a special barrel, a high-capacity magazine, and a firing mechanism.


This is also a heavy stub with a slightly higher fire rate than the Iron Rain. I am talking about the base variant. The upgraded version has a red laser, a special barrel, high high-capacity magazine, and a firing mechanism.


Scatter is a heavy bolt weapon. You can decide by the name how hard-hitting this one is. When you use this weapon, you will feel the recoil on-screen! the modded variant comes with a green laser, a special barrel, a high-capacity magazine, and a firing mechanism.


This is a grenade launcher, simply put! Does massive damage but consumes decent ammo in doing so. Great for crowd control and boss damage.

I do not prefer grenade launchers but this one is an exception. The modded version has only two attachments. they are Explosive Rounds/ HI Explosive Ammo and a Stalker Stock.

My personal favorite is the Iron Rain. This is a personal preference since I like heavy slow-firing, and hard-hitting weapons in-game.

And I happen to find these specs in the Iron Rain the most. Your choice may vary on several things like damage, fire rate, and so on. Do let me know in the comments below.

That would be all for this guide on the best weapons in Necromunda: Hired Gun. Thanks for reading and I will see you in the next one.

Last Updated on January 2, 2024

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