Nexomon: Extinction All Tyrant Locations Guide

This is a guide on all the Tyrant Locations available in the game for Nexomon: Extinction. Simply refer to the table of content if you are looking for a particular Tyrant. Take a look at the general guide for all the locations.

What are Tyrants you may ask? A Tyrant is an extremely powerful and intelligent Nexomon that is capable of human speech. This term was coined by the Tamer’s Guild during the Battle of the Tyrants.

Feared for their incredible power and deadly potential, Tyrants have saved the world around them and negatively affect humanity many times. Many humans have an extraordinary hatred for these creatures and have conducted wars against them for centuries.

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All Tyrant Locations in Nexomon: Extinction


  • Teleport to Palmaya and go to the most north/west map.


2. Mulcimer

  • Teleport to South Ignitia and go 1 map to the right.


3. Nivalis

  • Teleport to the Frozen Tundra and go 1 map to the left.


4. Tikala

  • Teleport to the Hidden Village and go 1 map down.


5. Petram

  • Teleport to Lateria and go 3 maps to the right, until you see a cave.
  • You can find this tyrant in two places on Petram. We will show both of those locations:
Petram 1
Petram 2


6. Eurus

  • You can take the Airship from Parum to The Drake Isles
  • Alternatively, you can teleport to The Drake Isles and run all the way back.


7. Bolzen

  • Teleport to Cadium (Lab) and go down towards that puzzle section.


8. Ziegler

  • Teleport to Immortal Citadel and go 1 map to the right.
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9. Darine

  • Teleport to Immortal Citadel and go 1 map to the right.


10. Titan

  • Teleport to Immortal Citadel and go 1 map to the right.
  • It’s the same as Ziegler. So refer to the Ziegler Location shown above for this.

11. Fane

  • Teleport to Immortal Citadel and go 2 maps to the right, then 1 down.


12. Protovados – Mission  number 536


  • After ending the story, teleport to Lateria and head up towards the prison.
  • Go to your old cell and next to you will be an old friend.
  • Teleport to The Frozen Tundra and head up until you encounter the tower.
  • Head inside and go to the top, Vados is waiting.
  • Now you need to find Vados and capture him. That will be all that you need to do to capture Protovados!
protovados 1
protovados 2


A list of All Tyrants Found in Nexomon Extinction

Here is the list of all tyrants you can currently find in the game. The category includes Ordinary, Primodorial, Artificial, Supreme, and possible upcoming Tyrants:

Ordinary Tyrants

  • Byelon
  • Petram
  • Nivalis
  • Mulcimer
  • Fane
  • Bolzen

Primordial Tyrants

  • Grunda
  • Ventra
  • Fona
  • Nara
  • Luxa
  • Metta

Artificial Tyrants

  • Protovados
  • Vados

Supreme Tyrants

  • Omnicron
  • Solus
  • Omnisun

Possible Tyrants

  • Luhavav

[NOTE: This post has been updated recently!]

That is all we have for this complete list of all the locations for Tyrants in Nexomon: Extinction. We are open to suggestions and queries in the comments below. Thanks for reading and we will see you in the next guide.

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Last Updated on December 27, 2021

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  1. Marc-André Vézina

    Actually Vados is at the bottom of the tower, you need to go to the deepest part of the tower (not the top)

  2. Hi 🙂 Well… i found Ziegler in Ignitia. On the same map where you can spawn the fire dragon. I was a bit shocked, because i wasn’t expecting him.

  3. I found Ziegler in the Abyssal Island (Precursor Valley) section actually. Seems to me he can be in multiple places. Found Darine and Titan in different spots too.

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