Nexomon: Extinction All Tyrant Locations Guide

This is a guide on all the Tyrant Locations available in the game for Nexomon: Extinction. Simply refer to the table of content if you are looking for a particular Tyrant. Take a look at the general guide for all the locations.

All Tyrant Locations in Nexomon: Extinction


  • Teleport to Palmaya and go to the most north/west map.


2. Mulcimer


4. Tikala

  • Teleport to the Hidden Village and go 1 map down.


5. Petram

  • Teleport to Lateria and go 3 maps to the right, until you see a cave.
  • You can find this tyrant in two places on Petram. We will show both of those locations:

Petram 1

Petram 2

6. Eurus

  • You can take the Airship from Parum to The Drake Isles
  • Alternatively, you can teleport to The Drake Isles and run all the way back.


7. Bolzen

  • Teleport to Cadium (Lab) and go down towards that puzzle section.


8. Ziegler

  • Teleport to Immortal Citadel and go 1 map to the right.
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9. Darine

  • Teleport to Immortal Citadel and go 1 map to the right.


10. Titan

  • Teleport to Immortal Citadel and go 1 map to the right.
  • It’s the same as Ziegler. So refer to the Ziegler Location shown above for this.

11. Fane

  • Teleport to Immortal Citadel and go 2 maps to the right, then 1 down.


12. Protovados – Mission  number 536


  • After ending the story, teleport to Lateria and head up towards the prison.
  • Go to your old cell and next to you will be an old friend.
  • Teleport to The Frozen Tundra and head up until you encounter the tower.
  • Head inside and go to the top, Vados is waiting.
  • Now you need to find Vados and capture him. That will be all that you need to do to capture Protovados!
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protovados 1

protovados 2

That is all we have for this complete list of all the locations for Tyrants in Nexomon: Extinction. We are open to suggestions and queries in the comments below. Thanks for reading and we will see you in the next guide!

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