The Riftbreaker All Resources and Drop Locations

In this guide for The Riftbreaker, I will be going over all the Resources you can get in the game. I will also be showing you how to get them or in other words their drop location. Resources in The Riftbreaker are the backbone of the game.

These are used in a number of activities across the entire playthrough. From crafting research stations all the way to building weapons, you will find the need for all of these resources in some manner or the other.

The List of resources includes world drops, specific unit drops, plant/vegetation drops, degradable ones, liquid, and artificial resources. Let’s check out the full list.

All Resources and How to Get them in The Riftbreaker

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Resources Obtained from World Drops

These drops are resources that you can get by slaying enemies or destroying the vegetation in the game. There are certain elements such as Crystal Collector and Rare Element Mines that require a separate set of resources and items to craft.

You can then get a decent number of the said resources using them.

TanzaniteAll enemies, all plants,Crystal Collector
CobaltAll enemies, all plants,Rare element mine
FerdoniteAll enemies, all plants
HazeniteAll enemies, all plants,Crystal Collector
RhodoniteAll enemies, all plants
PalladiumAll enemies, all plants,Rare element mine
TitaniumAll enemies, all plants,Rare element mine
SpecimenAll enemies, all plants

Resources you can get from Units (Fauna)

These are the resources that can only be obtained if you slay the fauna or the so-called “animals” in the game. These are denoted by “Units” and are an important part of your entire farming and building process in the game, so you would need this.

Animal biomassAll enemies

Resources you can get from Plants/Vegetations (Flora)

These resources can only be acquired if you clear the vegetation/plants in the game. They are also denoted by “Flora” in The Riftbreaker. The additional element you see called the floral cultivator requires a separate set of resources and items to craft so keep that in mind.

Plant biomassAll plants,Flora Cultivator

Resources That are degradable/depletable

These resources are quite unique since they cannot be obtained naturally. You need specific harvesters/cultivators and factories to manufacture them in the first place. As a result, these resources will also degrade/deplete with time so keep that in mind.

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Since these are mostly artificial resources, this concept of them being depletable makes sense. There are certain buildings here namely Carbonium Factory and Rare Element Mines that require a separate set of items and resources to build so keep that in notice while farming these resources.

CarboniumCarbonium Factory,Carbonium Synthesizer
IroniumCarbonium Factory,Ironium Synthesizer
CobaltRare element mine
PalladiumRare element mine
TitaniumRare element mine
Crude UraniumRare element mine

Resources we can get in Liquid form

There are resources that are only available in liquid form. There are certain buildings you need to construct to get such resources. They are namely, Liquid Pump and Water Filtering Plants. If you want to know each of them, let me know and I will be going over the requirement to build each of them.

Comment below if you want me to put out a separate post regarding the same.

WaterLiquid Pump,Water Filtering Plant
MudLiquid Pump,Water Filtering Plant
SludgeLiquid Pump
MagmaLiquid Pump

Resources that you can get in Artificial Form only

As you may have noticed, each of them has a unique building or station from which you can get them. They are namely Super coolant refinery, Fusion Powerplant, Ionizer, Plasma Converter, Gas Filtering Powerplant, Bio Composter, and Uranium Centrifuge.

Super CoolantSuper coolant Refinery
PlasmaFusion Powerplant, Ionizer
Supercharged PlasmaPlasma Converter
Flammable GasGas Filtering Plant, Bio Composter
UraniumUranium Centrifuge

That would be all from this post on all resources and how to get them in The Riftbreaker. Also, comment down and let me know if you have any suggestions or questions to ask. I will make sure to reply as soon as I can.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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