FIFA 21 | Best Keyboard Settings/Keybinds and How to Change

FIFA 21 is finally out for players on EA Play Pro dating October 2nd, 2020. Now, a lot of us would want to play FIFA 21 with Keyboard rather than controllers. For such players, this is the perfect guide to know, the best settings for keyboard and how to change them in the first place.

Best Keyboard Settings/Bindings and How to Change in FIFA 21

  • In order to change the Default Keybinds to your preferred one go to Customize > Settings > Customize Controls.
  • Make sure you are using keyboard to do these inputs. Also change the settings to “Keyboard Only”
  • Press “E” once to open the “ATTACK” Menu and you can change it from there. Here is my personal Keybinds:
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WThrough Ball
ALob Pass/Cross/Header
SShort Pass/Header
QPlayer Run/Modifier
ZFinesse Shot/Modifier
CProtect Ball
RSwitch To GK
KAttacking Tactics
LDefensive Tactics
1Right Stick UP
3Right Stick Left
2Right Stick Down
4Right Stick Right


Take Note that the Skill Buttons are very easy to reach and perform once you figure out the directions. I have been using these settings for quite a few years now, and it performs very well with any of the FIFA editions.

There is definitely an edge while using a controller, but take nothing away from Keyboard players and these settings. If you decide to stick to Keyboard, I highly recommend these settings, especially if you are struggling with it. That will be all for this short guide. Take care and let me know down in the comments if you have any doubts. Adios!

18 thoughts on “FIFA 21 | Best Keyboard Settings/Keybinds and How to Change”

  1. Avatar

    i saw on the internet that a keyboard doenst work for fifa 21
    het said that you cant shoot with a keyboard
    is that right? or can you just play with a keyboard

    1. Avatar

      Yes it does work. Just follow the instructions like it is shown. Personally I have been using keyboard for few years now, and I can keep up with controllers players quite well. The main issue is figuring out the Skill moves. But if you use the settings shown above you can go to practice arena and figure it our properly. (1,2,3,4)

    2. Avatar

      As for shooting, that also works well if you use keyboard only. DO NOT use KB+Mouse. That is not a good option. For proper placement of shots, given enough power on finesse (Z) hold it then press Shoot (D). You can also use a combo of C+D for a grounded knuckle shot. Just headover to the practice arena and figure it out!

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      Press “S” if you have bound it to short pass. OR whichever button is your short pass button on Keyboard, you can use that to skip the cutscenes.

  2. Avatar

    I can’t chang the key bondings as in the match it reverst to some of the defaults (player movement) and lacks the down movement. Unplayable atm…

    1. Avatar

      Yes this is an issue i have noticed also. For now the only way is to pause the game, go to control settings, select keyboard only and bind the keys quickly. I have no idea why it revert back. It is not happening to me anymore. But it has happened to me in the past.

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      Even with a joystick you need to manually take control at one point and do slide tackles and pressures. You can use team mate pressure to contain opponent attacks.

    1. Avatar

      Oh, that would be “Q” in the binds I have shown. That stands for Player Run/Modifier. You can use that + Direction to make creative runs. Works similar to XBOX or PS4 where you would hit analog + L1/LB.

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