Outriders Worldslayer: Best Technomancer Build (Updated)

The Outriders Expansions is set to become the crown jewel of the franchise. Players are excited to have several new additions. These include PAX skills trees, an updated points system, and new endgame content.

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There are a number of character builds in the game, and there are several ways to go about it. One of the most exciting builds is the Technomancer build. The following guide will help players in understanding Technomancer and get the best build for it. 

Outriders Worldslayer - Technomancer

Outriders Worldslayer: What is the Technomancer Build?

Technomancer is a ranged combatant, who has AOE abilities and a range of weapons to attack enemies. Furthermore, it can also inflict toxin damage alongside freezing opponents, which is a deadly combination. Players will be able to cause maximum damage in this state. 

Therefore, the best build for Technomancers includes heavy usage of Toxins and Freeze. Additionally, you will have the ability to one-shot enemies and a few Elites too.

Players will also have the benefit of getting their health back through the use of toxins. The AOE damage inflicted will be very high, and enemies will shiver in your wake. Therefore, it is important to know what are the best weapons, gear, and skills for the build. 


The main weapon for the Technomancer build is Absolute Zero. There are a number of advantages to this weapon. It has a high Critical Damage bonus, coupled with Status Power and Long-Range Damage extras. Absolute Zero is great for battling enemies who are a larger distance away from you. 

For the Mods, you have to go for Bone Shrapnel and Ultimate Freezing Bullets. The latter has the ability to freeze your opponents and inflict great damage, while the former will inflict bleed damage. 

The secondary weapon should be Earthborn Renegade’s Assault Rifle. It has the same capabilities as the primary weapon, so you should be able to use both in a familiar manner.

When it comes to Mods, go for the Dark Sacrifice and Gravedigger’s Frenzy. The former will cause 75% extra Weapon Damage while eating up 50% of your own Health. Meanwhile, the latter boosted Critical Damage by 50%. Once you have frozen your opponents, use the secondary to finish off enemies with one shot.

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Outriders Worldslayer - Technomancer Build


The gear set for the Technomancer build should be the Borealis Monarch. This gives a great boost to the Freeze and Toxic status, which will be beneficial for you. 

Helmet: The Tooka Helmet, which gives Bonus Firepower as they cause damage in close and long-range. Use the Sharp Eye mod for aiming down the sights and doing more damage. However, you can also use the Critstack Mod which will give more Anomaly Power on the subsequent critical strikes. 

Body: The Robe of Borealis Monarch, has the same abilities as the helmet. For the mod, choose Icicle Storm as it will buff the Cold Snap skill and cause more damage to frozen opponents. Furthermore, Radical Therapy inflicts 15% more damage to enemies which has a Toxic status effect. 

Leg: The Waistcloth of the Borealis Monarch. Use Captain Hunter and Freezing Boost mods as the preferred candidates. The former boosts damage against Elites, while the latter increases damage by 15% on enemies who are dealing with Freeze status. 

Gloves: The Gloves of the Borealis Monarch offers you Max Health Cooldown Reduction and Long-range damage. For the mods, you should go for Shatter and Bloodlust to boost freeze damage and firepower of your weapons. 

Boots:  The Yruuk Otarah’s Boots will also give you Max Health and Cooldown Reduction. The mods for Euthaniser and Toxic Lead. The former will damage enemies who are stricken with toxic status and Toxic Lead will refill 40% of your bullet as it will fire at enemies dealing with Toxic status. 


The skills for Technomancer are Cold Snap, Blighted Turret, and Blighted Rounds

  • Cold Snap will have your enemies frozen around a large area. 
  • Blighted Rounds will strike enemies with Toxic Status. 
  • Blighted Turret will be able to do both together. 

Last Updated on February 7, 2024

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