F1® 22 | Multifunction Display Guide

EA SPORTS F1® 22, the official videogame of the 2022 FIA Formula One World championship, lets you experience the new age of Formula 1®.

Since there isn’t a real tutorial in this game, this guide will be helpful to gamers who bought the F1 game but have no prior experience with it or understanding of how it operates. This guide will teach you about multifunction displays.


Multifunction Display Guide For F1 22

Check out the guide below for more details.

Basics of Multifunction Display

Fuel Mix

Only during practice sessions, on your qualifying out laps, or if you invalidated your qualifying lap by cutting excessively can you employ lean.
Only when a safety car or virtual safety car is present in the race can you choose to lean. Otherwise, standards must always be used. not a choice.

What does this imply?

You may estimate how much fuel you’ll need for the race by seeing how much you burn when practicing or qualifying.

Underfueling is only an effective tactic if you can save a lot of fuel (using the lift and coast techniques), improve your fuel economy (only in career mode), or take a chance with safety cars (which you shouldn’t).

Brake Bias

Most of the time, you don’t really need to utilize this one; nevertheless, if you frequently experience front or rear wheel locking when braking, adjust it accordingly.

Typically, you should be operating at 59 percent. Reduce this to 56–57 percent if you notice that your front wheels are locking. If your back wheels are locking, raise it to around 62 percent. When braking, look for smoke coming from the front wheels to quickly identify front wheel locking.

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For the majority of tracks, you’ll want to maintain this between 70% and 75%. You’ll have better traction the lower it is, but you’ll give up total grip.

The better your grip, though, the simpler it is to lose traction and the higher it is. Typically, you want the differential to be at 50% to 60% when driving on street circuits or in the rain.

ERS ( energy recovery system) 

This device adds about 160 horsepower to the car’s output, converting the petrol Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) into a hybrid. Battery-stored energy from the brakes’ Motor generator unit – Kinetic (MGU-K) and the turbocharger’s Motor generator unit – Heat (MGU-H) can be used whenever necessary.

The best approach to comprehend these modes is to visualize them as gasoline modes, with the crucial distinction being that, rather than being continuously depleted, it is refilled during the braking zones. We only have one mode this season:

Mode 1 – Overtake

The voltage symbol is followed by a number that represents the active ERS mode. The energy harvested is indicated by the letter “H.”

The energy deployed is indicated by the letter “D,” and for each lap, only a set amount is allowed. You can only use ERS once D is completely spent. The percentage indicates how much ERS is still available for use.

That will be it from this edition of the guide. Hope you learned something about Multifunction Display in F1 22. Goodbye!

Last Updated on July 1, 2022

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