Dinkum: How To Do Fishing

The farming journey of Dinkum has provided to be a big hit with players in love with simulation games. You have the chance to completely build cities and buildings from scratch, alongside hunting, fishing, and farming.

However, fishing is not as easy as you would like to believe. It will help in gaining more knowledge of Pedia on the island, along with winning Permit Points and Dinks which will give you the different licenses.

In that regard, the following guide will help players in approaching fishing in the game and how to ace it over time. 

Dinkum - Fishing

Dinkum: Getting a fishing license

The first thing to get in order to start fishing is not the rod, but a Fishing License. You can follow the below steps to acquire a License in the game: 

  • Players will have to interact with Fletch who is in-charge of handing out all licenses. 
  • You will have to spend Permit Points which will allow you to buy the Fishing License. 
  • There are a number of activities that players can do including harvesting, catching bugs, and other suck tasks around the island to win Permit Points. 
  • As you continue this journey, the next tier will be unlocked which raises the number of items required for Permit Points. 
  • You will need 255 Permit Points to buy the Fishing License. 

Dinkum: Buying a fishing rod

Once you have the license, make your way over to John who is the shop owner. You will need Dinks to spend in order to buy a fishing rod. Players will come across John on the second day, and he can be found at the visitor’s centre, selling a bunch of stuff that will be used by the player.

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Furthermore, players can also sell a number of items found on the island to him for Dinks. It will cost 1,260 Dinks to buy a Fishing Rod.

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Dinkum - Fishing rod

Dinkum: How to start fishing

You can start fishing in any water body present around the island and you can find mini islands too which are near the main island. You will be able to see fishes in the water from land itself. The following steps will help players in starting their fishing journey: 

  • Open the items list and choose the fishing rod
  • You will have to point and throw the reel at the fish
  • Press and hold the right-click of your mouse to throw it even more
  • You will have to wait till the fish notices the rod and move the reel in the water
  • Once it splashes, start reeling in immediately
  • Keep an eye on the fishing stamina bar as you will lose out on the fish if it goes to zero. Furthermore, it will also go down quickly if the fish is battling to escape
  • The best time to reel fishes in is when the struggle is less
  • Keep doing it till you get ahold of the fish

Thus, this is all players have to know regarding the mechanics of fishing in Dinkum. Of course, there will be fishes that get away in the beginning phase. However, it will become easier once you keep at it and start learning when to pull in fishes. 

Last Updated on August 7, 2022

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