Overwatch 2 Migration Queue Not Working Workarounds

After a rocky start to the latest release of Overwatch 2, players were looking up for a smooth experience with the game. Given that the servers were victims of a number of DDOS attacks, the devs have recovered the game quite well. There is, however, minor waiting time, but nothing like  30K in queue XD.

Having that said, there is a new issue on the rise, especially with returning and veteran console players of Overwatch. The gamers have followed the instructions mentioned by Blizzard to migrate their progress and account to OW2. But now, there seems to be an endless queue of waiting time for these players.

And, the main issue is not with waiting just 30mins or so, but the main problem arises when you see a waiting time of 260 or even 324days. If you see such a message, do not panic or start erasing the game and its data. There are a few things you can try that can hopefully fix this migration waiting time for you.

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Some Workarounds for Long Migration Queue in Overwatch 2

If you see a message saying “YOU’RE READY FOR MIGRATION! Close your game now to begin migration.” followed by a random long waiting time counting in days, then do not panic. I will list some workarounds and fixes that have worked for some players. Implement them and see if they fix this for you.

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First of all, if you did the merging prior to the Overwatch servers closing, you are in luck and you should have all the progress in your Overwatch 2 account right now and in the coming times. If you did not do this, then you need to do some things to make it work again.

Make sure that click on MERGE, open your other platform from where you want to merge the account and log in there also. This is a common step that a lot of players are missing out on, which is causing a lot of confusion. Since there is no clear indication of this exact method, you need to keep this step in mind.

If you are stuck in a long queue of Migration, DO NOT close the game. Being patient is the key here. This may sound like a no-brainer step, but quite a handful of players become impatient and close the game or restart it. This can put you at the end of the queue and you will start from scratch if that happens.

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Regarding the above issue, Reddit user Boring-Mood6957 says:

I had the exact same problem yesterday. I logged in just now and i have everything from my old account. You just have to wait it’ll be fine

If the game seems bugged for you and after a few hours, you are still stuck at the same queue time in Migration, you may want to restart Overwatch 2. After restarting, switch the region by clicking on the “globe” icon beside “Play” and change it to something that was not set before. It should look something like this:

OW2 how to change region

Again, after starting up the game, if the number of days or queue time reduces or moves down, wait for it to complete rather that restarting or quitting the game entirely. I was facing a similar issue with my queue time during the initial release of OW2 where I was put behind 40,000 players. Being patient, and doing a few workarounds is key here.

The last thing I want to say is that there have been a number of DDOS attacks directed toward the Overwatch 2 servers. I have seen an improvement in queue time after the developers have stabilized the queue times somewhat. I am guessing the same will happen with the long queue time for Migration as well.

Check the message that pops up above the Overwatch 2 play icon from the developers. They tend to notify players as they work towards fixing and stabilizing the servers and lobbies in further times. If you are still facing issues after the server updates and workarounds, kindly write to the developers using their official support page.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. If you managed to migrate your progress and can load fine, do let all your fellow players know using any forum or this post’s comment section. I will share it with the community so that most of the players get to know your fixes and tips as well. Happy gaming!

Thanks for dropping by 🙂

Last Updated on October 13, 2022

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