Palworld – Keyboard and Controller Controls Guide

In this guide for Palworld, I will show you the PC Keyboard control and the controller controls in the game. It can be confusing for a lot of players, so these quick access binds will save you some time and effort.

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Palworld – Keyboard and Controller Controls Guide

Knowing the Keyboard and Controller Controls for Palworld can save you a lot of hassle and time. I was struggling with changing the Pals in the UI and had to double-check before pressing the keys. You can also change these binds to your liking.

Palworld Keyboard Controls

Move (Front)W
Move (Back)S
Move (Left)A
Move (Right)D
Summon Pal / Ride Skill 2E
Throw Pal SphereQ
Partner SkillF
Crouch / Slide / Ride Skill 3C
Change Pal (Left)1
Change Pal (Right)3
Change Sphere2
Command Pal4

Take note that the UI gets hidden after summoning a pal. You can simply press the 1, 2, or 3 buttons to make the UI come up again. Do not press Q repeatedly. I have wasted several Pal Sphere in doing so!

Palworld Keyboard Controls

Palworld Controller Pad Binds

Summon Pal / Ride Skill 2LB
Throw Pal SphereRB
Partner Skill / ReloadX
Roll / Crouch / Ride Skill 3B
Change Pal (Left)DPAD LEFT
Change Pal (Right)DPAD RIGHT
Change SphereDPAD DOWN
Command PalRS
Change WeaponY
Attack / Riding Skill 1RT

I have not used a controller in Palworld as of yet, but I plan to do so. If I face any issues after that, I will let you know or update this post with alternate binds.

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palworld controller controls and binds on pc

If you are facing Controller Issues, try to reconnect it and make it recognizable from Steam settings. That is how I fix my PS5 controller issue with Steam games. Keyboard players should be fine, as I have not faced any issues while testing it with a Keyboard as of yet.

There are a few bugs that cause issues, but that has nothing to do with the key binds or the device in general. Palworld is very sensitive to keybinds, so a wrong press can mean either a Lost Pal that you could have captured or a lost Pal Sphere.

Thus, that was all the information I had for you in this Binds guide for Palworld. For more such posts, keep an eye on our Palword Guides page.

Leave your questions and thoughts in the comment section below, and I will see you in the next guide. Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on January 20, 2024

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