Payday 3: How To Get Inside The VIP Area In Rock The Cradle

Players must use great stealthy movement in Rock The Cradle since the cryptocurrency wallet self-destructs as soon as the alarm goes off. That is why you cannot be too cautious in Payday 3 when it comes to this mission, and the most important task in the beginning is to get inside the VIP area.

However, several bouncers are stationed directly in front of the entry point. Nevertheless, a few ways exist to get inside without tripping the alarm. 

Payday 3: How To Get Inside The VIP Area In Rock The Cradle

You can go in one of two ways to make your way inside the VIP Club. The first is to collect a lot of blank VIP passes and show them to the bouncers, while the other is to cause a distraction at the DJ booth. We recommend proceeding with the first option as it is much better in Payday 3. 

Payday 3 - Bouncers

Getting inside Cassandra Rifkin’s Office

To get the VIP passes, players must reach Cassandra Rifkin’s office. Her office is situated on the second floor, atop the VIP room. The easiest way to get there is by heading to the entrance of the VIP Club and taking the stairs to the second floor.

However, the area is private, meaning you will be considered a trespasser if noticed. Since a guard is here, you must wait for him to leave before heading to the office. 

Payday 3 - VIP passes

After reaching the second floor, you will see a guard strolling around to the right side and a couple of cameras around the middle.

You have to reach the opposite side of the area and then use a lockpick on the door beside a sign that reads “Staff Only.” As you do that, you will find yourself in a backside area with two cameras monitoring it. 

Players going through the hallway have to make a right turn, and they will find themselves right behind the DJ booth, which is right beside the office of Cassandra Rifkin.

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You go inside and will be able to locate a cabinet that holds the VIP passes. However, they can only be obtained by hacking into Cassandra Rifkin’s phone. 

Hacking Cassandra Rifkin’s Phone

Players will find Cassandra Rifkin walking around the ground and top floors of the VIP Club. You have to be highly stealthy as you sneak up behind and interact with her phone present in the backside pocket.

You cannot avoid doing all this, as the hack is ongoing. After the hack is complete, you will be notified and can return to her office. The QR Code you have received will have to be used to unlock the cabinet and get hold of the blank VIP passes. 

Payday 3 - Hacking phone

Once you have them, players have to authenticate them by going to the second floor of the main area, near the entrance of Neon Cradle. There is a little device for you to use on the table, beside the computer of the reserved area,  along with your team to make the passes original. 

Players cannot grab the passes once they have masked up, but this is an alternate option for those who wish to do the whole mission stealthily. Even for those who do not want that, you can always have a great start by stealing the Cryptocurrency Wallet. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when accessing the VIP Club with the passes in Rock The Cradle. You will have to manage everything quietly to not tip off suspicious people. 

Last Updated on September 22, 2023

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