FC 24 Common Performance Issues and Their Fixes

FC 24 Common Performance Issues and Their Fixes –  Learn how to bypass server connection problems, redeem Ultimate Edition rewards, overcome anti-cheat loading screen hurdles, customize windowed borderless refresh rates, and claim missing rewards.

With these expert tips, gamers can enjoy a seamless and enhanced gaming experience in FC 24.

Common Issues and Their Fixes In FC 24

Cannot Connect to Servers? Here’s Your Fix!

Are you a passionate gamer eager to dive into the thrilling world of EA SPORTS FC 24 but finding yourself stuck due to server connection issues? Fret not because we’ve compiled a comprehensive workaround to help you tackle this problem and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay until EA fixes it.

If you’re facing the frustrating “Cannot Connect to Servers” problem, follow these steps for a quick workaround:

  1. Launch the Game from Steam: Start by launching the game at least once from Steam and wait until you encounter the server connection error.
  2. Quit Game and EA App: Exit the game and make sure to quit the EA app as well.
  3. Relaunch EA App: Search for the EA app in your Start menu, launch it, and log in with the EA account linked to your Steam.
  4. Play from EA App: Instead of Steam, click “Play EA Sports FC 24” directly from the EA app.

Following these steps, you can seamlessly connect to the servers and enjoy your gaming experience while EA works on a permanent fix.

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How To Unlock Ultimate Edition: Redeeming 4600 EA FC Points

After launching the game and entering your Ultimate Team, close the game. Then, navigate to your game Library. Next to the ‘Play’ button, you’ll find an option called “Redeem the Ultimate Edition.” Click on it, and voila! You’ve unlocked all the content from your Ultimate Edition.

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Fixing Anti-Cheat Loading Screen Issues

Are you stuck on the pesky white anti-cheat loading screen, getting bounced back repeatedly? Follow these steps to overcome this obstacle:

  1. Access Exploit Settings: Click the Windows Start button and type ‘EXPLOIT PROTECTION’ in the search bar.
  2. Disable CONTROL FLOW GUARD (CFG): Within exploit settings, disable ‘CONTROL FLOW GUARD (CFG).’
  3. Restart Your PC: After disabling CFG, restart your PC.

Once your PC restarts, launch the game, and voila! You should be able to enter without any issues. Remember to enable CFG again if you’re playing games like Valorant in the future.

Optimizing Windowed Borderless Refresh Rate

Are you struggling to match your monitor’s refresh rate while playing in windowed borderless mode? Here’s a handy trick to help you achieve the desired refresh rate:

  1. Access Game Files: Navigate to \Documents\FC 24 and open the “fcsetup” file.
  2. Modify Settings: Change the following lines of text in the file:
    • FULLSCREEN = 0
    • REFRESH_RATE = (Set your preferred refresh rate, e.g., 144 for 144Hz)

By making these changes, you can enjoy the optimal refresh rate even in windowed borderless mode, making your gaming experience smoother and more enjoyable.


Missing Ultimate Rewards? How to Claim Them!

Are you eagerly waiting for your Ultimate Rewards to kick in? Look no further than this link: Steam Ultimate Rewards Claim. Follow the link, and you’ll be on your way to claiming your well-deserved rewards.

With these workarounds, you can now confidently and easily navigate the EA SPORTS FC™ 24 world. Say goodbye to connectivity issues, loading screen troubles, and refresh rate discrepancies. It’s time to immerse yourself fully in the game and enjoy every moment of your gaming adventure!

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