Starfield: How To Pilot Legendary Ships And Fight Them

While it does appear to be made of the same parts as regular ships, the question arises of whether we can board Legendary Ships to pilot and how to fight them in Starfield. We aim to answer it in this guide.

Starfield: How To Pilot Legendary Ships And Fight Them

Players will come across massive Legendary Ships in Starfield that have mind-boggling stats. Their levels begin at 50, irrespective of where you find them in the galaxy, and they carry a minimum of five allied ships who are formidable themselves.

Legendary Ships carry a broken engine while another of their weapons is also nuts. It is possible to make an almost broken-down ship whole again with C-class experimental parts; the stats will not be the same as the Legendary Ships have in the game. It is one of the primary reasons players cannot claim or fly Legendary Ships.

Starfield - Legendary ships pilot

On the other hand, players will receive a metric ton of experience, with some cases being around 1,500 based on the level of the ship.

This could give you a full level-up if you are close to the level of the ship, and the even better news is if you add up the rest of the allied ships’ experience present around the Legendary Ships, you may get another level through this, too.

The main problem for players is how to take down the Legendary Ships. You will not be able to fight them directly in a straight fight and turn off the systems; you will need the best parts in the game.

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Players have to destroy the allied ships first, and that will not be easy either before disengaging fully to get back to mend stuff.

Starfield - Legendary ships battle

The best idea is to remain behind the Legendary Ship, not to catch its fire. In case you venture outwards, get back behind as quickly as possible.

It is recommended to have a ship that has greater mobility and is tanky, too. You can even use a robust New Game cycle Starborn Guardian ship focusing on speed.

It is no shame if you lose sometimes while fighting Legendary Ships, as they are a mammoth force of nature. They will also allow you to check out your ship’s different settings to ensure which ones are the best for you going forward.

You can keep saving the game files and then fast-travel to the Legendary Ship to see how you are doing against it. Entering New Game Plus will bring your inventory to zero, meaning the ships will be lost.

Thus, that is all the information players need regarding Legendary Ships in Starfield and what to do with them. You will be able to defeat them eventually, but keep patient.

Last Updated on January 28, 2024

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