Persona 5 Royal: How To Increase Personas Stats To Level 99

Battle royales have always been a special source of gameplay with the adventure-based turn helping store the unpredictability. Xbox Game Pass has added Persona 5 Royal to its vast catalog of games recently, meaning players will have a new arena to tackle in the winter months.

Of course, the story is well-known as you represent a character who is a student in the morning and a Phantom Thief after that. Therefore, you will have to put on a great balancing act when playing which can be easier said than done.

The main focus is on increasing stats for your Persona, with 99 being the most. However, you will be heavily challenged in your quest to increase the stats across the board to 99. In that regard, the following guide will help players in understanding how to get to 99 for their Persona in the game.

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Persona 5 Royal: What to know about 99 max stat for Persona

First and foremost, it is not imperative to reach 99 stats for your Persona. There is no requirement for any boss battles or to progress through the game which mandates having 99 stats.

Nevertheless, your main incentive for getting to 99 stats for your Persona is the prizes from the Thieves’ Den which need 99 all across your different categories. There are a few ways to go about increasing your Persona level to 99 as discussed below:

Persona 5 Royal: Lighting incense when you are training Personas through lockdown

A process that will consume time but you can get it to work over a period of time without much cost.

  • Once you decide to train a Persona within the structure of the Velvet Room, there is the option to choose Incense to light
  • In order to get Incensed, players will have to take down Disaster Shadows
  • There are other ways to get the Incense like purchasing it from Kichijoji or Jose.

However, there will not be too much change, which may force you to go for the other ways in order to increase the stats to 99. As mentioned above, patience is the key to this method but the time should be on your side. You can go for a few Personas whenever you have free time without going to attack in Mementos or roaming around any Palaces.

The best appeal for this method is the little to no cost accrued in purchasing Incense. You will be able to pluck flowers in Mementos for Jose and even the Incense from Kichijoji is cheap. Additionally, the Disaster Shadows have no bearing on your resources either.

Persona 5 Royal - level up 99

Persona 5 Royal: Using the Gallows when a Fusion Alarm is active

Two basic requirements have to be met in order to go through this method. A lot of cash alongside the activation of the Fusion Alarm.

  • Once you have chosen the Persona, you will see the EXP raising twice alongside a couple of skills changing hands
  • However, during your second or third tryout, you will notice a major stat increase without the need for EXP
  • This means you will not need any EXP to add to Personas that are targeting 99 stats.
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After the accident, the Fusion Alarm will turn off and you may have to exit the Velvet Room. However, if you are present in the Mementos or Palace, you will have to commit to many days. Nevertheless, you can go on getting Personas by sacrificing them.

Players having Chihaya’s Celestial Reading with them will help in turning on Fusion Alarms more often in the game. Another help is Ryuji’s Insta-kill power which will allow you to land on Personas who are at a lower level than you.

Like the previous method, this will take a lot of time, including a full day but you can reach 99 by then.

Persona 5 Royal: Power Personas through Gallows

As you may have guessed, a lot of sacrifices are required when it comes to the Gallows. Once you have selected the Persona who wants to reach 99 stats, it is time for the Gallows to take center stage.

  • Players will be able to view the amount of EXP a Persona can get, including if you reach the next level and what are the specific stats that get boosted
  • Of course, it changes depending upon if you close the screen and reopen it again, meaning there will be changes every time
  • Therefore, you have a great way of increasing the stats but the money required is a huge amount.

Players can go for it only once in 24 days. However, after you save it on the Compendium, you can let it go and purchase it once again. This will allow you to negate the once-a-day rule. The whole process is possible during the raising of levels for Personas, meaning it all ends at Level 99.

Thus, that is all the information players will need to increase their Personas in the game. All of the processes require time and patience so you cannot hurry in this regard. However, it will be worth it in the long run so players should stick with it definitely.

Last Updated on October 22, 2022

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