How To Get Ghost Writer Title and Seal in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 welcomes Halloween every year with its one-of-a-kind and unique event. This time around, there were some changes made to the game along with the arrival of The Festival Of The Lost in the Season of the Plunder. In this event, you get to unlock weapons and collect candies in the process of acquiring them.

You will also see that some challenges and triumphs will get unlocked as you play along in the game. This time, the title is called “Ghost Writer” and you need to do certain triumphs and challenges in the Festival of The Lost itself in order to get it. I am hoping that this stays long enough for players to grind it out.

In this guide, I will show you the entire list of Triumphs you need to complete in order to get the Ghost Writer Title or Seal in Destiny 2. The festive season is underway with this arrival. I and my friends will also be trying to get the title and I wish you get yours as well. Let’s take a look…

Destiny 2 – How To Get The Ghost Writer Seal or Title – Festival of The Lost

Eva levante festival of the lost 2022 destiny 2

To begin it all, you need to speak to Eva Levante, The event vendor in the tower. That will set off a chain of quests and progresses that is needed to kick-start the event and your Seal progression. There are a total of 20 Triumphs. You need to complete 16 of them in order to get the seal and the rest 4 are for guilding the seal.

Here is the rest of the list of Seal Triumphs needed to be completed to get the full achievement:

  • Cryptozoologist – Use a manifested page to restore a page in the chapter “Tale of the forgotten – Vol.2” – The required page is 1.
  • Bookworm I – Use a manifested page to restore a page in the chapter “Tale of the forgotten – Vol.2” – Requires 9 pages.
  • Bookworm II – Use a manifested page to restore a page in the chapter “Tale of the forgotten – Vol.2” – Requires 18 pages.
  • Bookworm III – Use a manifested page to restore a page in the chapter “Tale of the forgotten – Vol.2” – Requires 27 pages.
  • Heads Will Roll – Defeat 100 Headless ones in Haunted Sectors.
  • Local Haunts – Complete Activities in the haunted sector playlist – Haunted Moon, Nessus, Europa, and EDZ – 3 of each needs to be done.
  • Candy Corner – Earn a total of 17,500 candies from activities
  • Mystery Meet – Purchase Epic Mystery Grab Bags from Eva – Requires 100% purchase to unlock this triumph.
  • Sniperstition – Defeat Combatants with a sniper rifle – 100% progression required
  • Automatic Transmission – Defeat Combatants with auto rifles.
  • Third Shot’s A Charm – Defeat combatants with pulse rifles.
  • Shocking Conclusion – Defeat combatants with arc energy.
  • Occult Ritual – Complete ritual activities including strikes, gambits, and crucibles
  • Strike the deck – Complete Vanguard Ops or Ketchcrash activities
  • Masked Bandit – Complete Crucible or Gambit activities while wearing a Festival Mask – Festival Masks can be acquired for free from Eva Levante
  • Happy Haunting Ground – Complete activities in the Haunter Sector Playlist – Requires 35 completions
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Festival of The Lost 2022 Destiny 2 Seal

Title Gilding Triumphs

There are a total of 4 guilding Triumphs needed to be done to guild the Ghost Writer Seal:

  • One of Many – Defeat all headless ones in a single run of a Haunted Sector – Moon, Nessus, Europa, and EDZ Haunted Sectors need to be done.
  • Masked Mayhem – While wearing a festival mask, complete raids, dungeons, Master or Grandmaster Nightfalls, or win rounds in The Trials of The Osiris. – Requires 100% completion using all of the activities.
  • Deathless One – Complete all the four Haunter sectors listed above without dying.
  • Sweet Tooth – Collect Candies by defeating combatants and completing activities while wearing a Festival Mask

Along with the completion of each Triumph, you will get rewards like a lot of Candies, a Shader, an Exotic Ship, Masks, Weapons, Prisms, and Tickets. So as you can see there is a lot to be earned when it comes to the Festival of The Lost for this year and the Ghost Writer Seal. I hope you enjoy doing the activities as you go for 100% completion.

Leave your doubts and suggestions in the comment box below, and let me know how you are enjoying the event. For more Destiny 2 guides like this, stay posted with the website and our Destiny 2 Guides section.

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Last Updated on March 7, 2024

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