Persona 5 Royal: List Of All Crossword Puzzle Solutions

The arrival of new games on Xbox Game Pass is always a cause for celebration. It is the same with Persona 5 Royal, with the storyline being a fascinating one. You will have to play a school student who has been forced to change the institution after being accused of crimes, which turns him into a Phantom Thief during the night. Therefore, there is a lot of action guaranteed in the game, which can challenge you in different ways as well.

You have the incentive of getting to Level 99 for your Personas which will allow you to take down opponents much more easily. However, there are other activities to be done in the game which include solving crossword puzzles from time to time.

Given that they are crossword puzzles, you will have to be at your sharpest wit in order to solve them in the game. In that regard, the following list of codes and guides will help players in going through the crossword puzzles in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal: What are the crossword puzzle solutions

The crossword puzzles will come up in Leblanc from time to time in the form of a little book conjured up on the table. It will increase your Knowledge point by 1 and you can whittle away the time while waiting for any progress or function to finishing. Therefore, there is an incentive to complete the crossword puzzles, and here are the codes to help your cause further:

  • Where art is shown off and sold: GALLERY
  • Time for a trip: (?) Week: GOLDEN
  • What are the May Blues: MALAISE
  • A type of outdoor allergy: POLLENOSIS
  • Hanami: cherry (?) viewing: BLOSSOM
  • Changes with the season: WARDROBE
  • A seasonal sky-bound event: FIREWORKS
  • Nihonga: (?) cultural artwork: JAPANESE
  • Held to inform the public: CONFERENCE
  • How school years are divided: SEMESTERS
  • Exchanged all over the world: CURRENCY
  • Laying into someone: BASHING
  • Many students’ greatest love: VACATION
  • These gauge student knowledge: FINALS
  • The ancient goddess of fate – LACHESIS
  • A stationary hotspot: heat (?): ISLAND
  • Label for an unparalleled artist: MASTER
  • Necessary for dares: COURAGE
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Persona 5 Royal - crossword puzzle codes

  • When it’s too hot to sleep: SWELTERING
  • Techy term for e-infiltration: HACKING
  • Tsukimi: lunar viewing (?): FESTIVAL
  • A common skin injury: SUNBURN
  • Localized destructive storm: TYPHOON
  • Lined up at school festivals: STALLS
  • A border between air masses: FRONT
  • Tipster hotlines offer this: REWARD
  • Draws people to you: CHARISMA
  • The ancient god of theatre – DIONYSUS
  • What lights do for store signage: ILLUMINATE
  • Establishing an order of worth: RANKING
  • Absorbs the most light: BLACK
  • Joyful holiday with an intruder: CHRISTMAS
  • Politicians thrive on this rating: APPROVAL
  • The ancient god of the moon – OROCHI
  • AKA sweating sickness: INFLUENZA
  • Co-opted Celtic holiday: HALLOWEEN
  • A type of wish. New Year’s (?): RESOLUTION
  • Medicine of varying legality: NARCOTICS

Thus, that is all the codes you will need to go through all the crossword puzzles in Persona 5 Royal. It can be a fun time-passing activity in the game, especially when you are leveling up through the various methods present. Additionally, it is also a mind teaser which will boost your confidence in playing the game and continuing your progress over time.

Last Updated on October 21, 2022

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