PGA TOUR 2K21 | Swing Tips (Calibration & Mechanics)

In this guide, we share some tips on Swing, its Calibration, and Mechanics in PGA TOUR 2K21. This is especially helpful for those players who are facing some swing issues. The main problem for new players is that they cannot seem to hit the ball straight.

Knowing these simple tweaks can help you understand the swing more. The game is out on steam. If you want, you can get it from here: [Steam Link]

Swing Tips (Calibration & Mechanics) in PGA TOUR 2K21

1. Swing Calibration

Swing the club at the pace you would prefer. Try and move the stick back at peak of the swing. If done with consistency this will be your swing and if replicated will be your perfect one.

  • Depending on the difficulty, the more it is, the more precise the replicated swing needs to be.
  • Just keep the above general tips in mind and it will help you in competitive matches also.
PGA TOUR 2K21 Swing Calibration guide


2. Swing Mechanics

The biggest issue many new and returning players will have is that the “Swing Speed” mechanics. This mechanic is very unforgiving to start with. You can disable or turn off this option in the Settings menu in-game. Head over to the “Difficulty” settings in the options and change the swing difficulty, or just disable Swing Speed.

  • It is also recommended to go to the training and “tune” your swing.
  • This will help a bit, but the major difference will be the change in difficulty settings.

Take note that online ranked games will always default to the more difficult option, In the online mode of PGA TOUR 2K21, the swing difficulty is Pro, and swing speed is enabled.

3. Swing Plane and Forgiveness in PGA TOUR 2K21

We try to break it down from a Physics point of view. Swing planes are related to the R stick forgiveness of the CLUB you pick. Basically, it means how straight you can swing your club. This Is the amount that the game penalizes for moving the slider (at the location of the narrow white bar).

  • Forgiveness is the concept of widening the white bar for the LEFT stick. That is because the L slider relates to shaft lean at impact compared to zero.
  • And in normal terms, it means how off-center you can strike the face of the club and it still goes straight.
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The Lean affects how high or low the ball hits the face, which is reflected in a poorer strike as compared to perfect face contact. If you use the L and R sliders to the extremes on a harder difficulty, you will need the forgiveness and swing plane stats to get the most out of your Club.

4. PGA TOUR 2K21 Swing Tips

If you play this game in a harder difficulty, chances are that your downswings will register as too fast or too slow. This can cause a lot of issues with your single-player progression, so try to calibrate it from the settings. In order to do this, go to the “Swing Calibration” option from the settings. We recommend doing this in Training mode to test it out.

  • All you need to do is take 10 Power Swings and be consistent with them.
  • This will definitely help you in fixing the “too fast” or “too slow” downswing timings in the game.

The main goal for this is to make you practice your club movement so that you become consistent and hit an accurate shot. You can also follow the Swing Calibration point we have shown above and see if that helps.

To conclude, the mechanics and calibration of PGA TOUR 2K21 are quite wide and complicated. But once you become consistent and understand the working principles, we are sure you can improve in the game.

Leave a comment down below, if you have any queries or suggestions regarding the post. Thanks for reading and we will see you in the next guide!

Last Updated on October 25, 2022

11 thoughts on “PGA TOUR 2K21 | Swing Tips (Calibration & Mechanics)”

  1. Is there anyway to cancel the swing calibration. I played for a week without it and then did it and it made me worse.

    1. You can change the difficulty to easy from the settings menu. That will nearly cancel out the calibration. As per our experience, you can play this game best with a joystick. The straight, forward motion of the stick makes the swing much more easier to control.

    2. I have not found a way to reverse the calibration. I hate every second of this game since calibrating. 4 games and each one worse than the last. DO NOT CALIBRATE!!

    1. I had bought this game as it was on sale on PlayStation. I hate the swinging. I would have maybe 2 or 3 good holes. But my swing is all the same don’t understand. I average a +20. I’ve played Tiger Woods for many years, was hoping it would’ve been close to that

  2. Grant Forrest Booth

    Why can I not swing in PGA Tour 2K21. Right out of the gate, this is extremely frustrating. I will be demanding a refund if you cannot fix this.

    1. There is a limited refund window for this. if you want, you can refund at the earliest. On another note, using a mouse is easier to figure out the swing in the game.

  3. I just cannot get on with this swing method, it has stopped me playing the game. Shame as otherwise good. Most older golf games you improve on the range and purchase of better clubs make for better distance and accuracy. I will be going back to one of them.

  4. I am starting to use x box controller,i cannot take the controller straight back and straight thru . What can i do to correct this ?

    1. yes the aiming with the stick in controllers is tough to do. try to drag the stick straight down, then make small adjustments quickly

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