Prey – Full controls Guide and how to Play as Beginner

Who does not love a first-person shooter game against aliens and other scientific abnormalities? Luckily for all the gamers, Prey is just the game for it. The Soviet Union and the USA have worked together (yes, really!) in order to construct a space station.

It is used to capture the alien race known as Typhon. Many years later, it now serves as a research lab to gain more information on Typhon and invent new technologies on it. You can download Prey from the Epic Games Store for free till May 19. Players will play as Morgan Yu, either being a male or female character.

Prey has three game modes. The normal story/career mode is filled with challenges and missions. There is also a survival mode upgrade that is even more daunting as it adds more trauma, weapons damage, and loss of oxygen amongst other things.

For players wanting to play Prey: Mooncrash, it is already part of the game in the Epic Games Store. Enemies and dangers come at random in the Mooncrash edition. Without further ado, let us dive into the controls guide for Prey below. 

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The controls guide for Prey

Prey controls (PC)

  • Move Forward:
  • Move Backward:
  • Move Left:
  • Move right:
  • Use & Carry:
  • Dodge: Space 
  • Attack: Left Click
  • Sneak:
  • Psi Ability & Menu Close: Right Click
  • Examine & Toggle Psychoscope:
  • Jump: Space   
  • Enter Focus Mode: Middle Mouse Button 
  • Lean Left:
  • Lean Right:
  • Sprint: Shift 
  • Equip Last Weapon: Tab 
  • Flashlight: V
  • Reload: R  
  • Scanner Lock-On:
  • Toggle Inventory: I
  • Toggle Map: Up Arrow  
  • Toggle Objectives:
  • Toggle Abilities:
  • Toggle Data: P
  • Toggle Status: M
  • Play Audio Log: L  
  • Special Use: Esc 
  • Quick Select: 0-9 on NumPad
  • Keypad: 0-9 on NumPad
  • Quick loot Up: Up Key 
  • Quick loot Down: Down Key 
  • Quick loot Left: Left Key 
  • Quick loot Right: Right Key 
  • Movement: Left analog stick (L)
  • Psi Ability: LT 
  • Lean & Roll: RB & LB 
  • Sprint: L3
  • Flashlight: D-Pad Up   
  • Transcribe: Window Button  
  • Quick Select: D-Pad Down, D-Pad Left, and D-Pad Right
  • Swap Weapon & Favorites Wheel: Y (hold for Swap)
  • Interact & Reload:
  • Use Weapon: RT
  • Aim: Right analog stick (R)
  • Jump & Ascend: A
  • Scope: R3 
  • Pause: Menu Button

How to play Prey- Basic guide

Choose your battles wisely

Yes, we love a good battle in a shooter game. However, do not try to go all guns blazing at the start. Make use of different paths and rely heavily on Stealth. Once you start getting newer weapons and upgrades on them, the fights will become a lot more balanced.

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Therefore, allow the gameplay to flow in a normal manner without showing your cards early. You will face Mimics first up and should have little problem in dispatching them. However, the major worry is the Phantoms. A wrench will just not work.

Use the Leverage option to the fullest

Players can lift and hurl heavy items through the Leverage option. This can come in handy while trying to fight enemies. It can go up to Level 3 and three items are needed for Neuromods to increase levels. Each object you find will need a required level of Leverage.

Another nice tip is using Leverage 1 items to push over objects of higher Leverages. Therefore, you can make your way to other areas instead of hunting for upgrades.

Take care of health and inventory

Prey inculcates horror, survivor, and shooting. Therefore, players have to be extremely mindful of their health throughout the game. It does not get filled up automatically, even after you die. Players restart with the same health that was present at their last save point.

Keep medkits, food, and drinks at hand in order to increase health. However, inventory space is limited to 30 in the beginning with 96 on the other side, depending on upgrades. Moreover, some objects need more than one slot.

However, you will find junk recyclers all over the map which can make more slots free and give crafting materials.

Search for hidden weapons

As mentioned above, the maiden weapon players receive is a wrench. No Phantom can be defeated with that. Therefore, you need to go look for more lethal weapons.

Players should make their way to the Simulation Debriefing Room. Climb onto the tape drive and open the briefcase to get the Disruptor Stun Gun. This weapon is not great for attacking enemies.

However, it will stun the enemy long enough for you to make an escape or even attack with a better weapon. Moreover, there’s also a shotgun in the lobby of the first floor. Go to the security office near the back wall of the lobby.

Instead of going through the door, make your way over the yellow pipes till you reach the security office from above. Jump through the hole in the roof and voila, you have the shotgun and its ammunition. 

Last Updated on May 17, 2022

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