Salt and Sacrifice | How To Play Co-Op/ With Friends

Welcome to a brand new guide on How To Play Co-Op/ With Friends in Salt and Sacrifice. This is A 2D, side-scrolling hack-and-slash adventure set in the ruins of a decaying world.

Ska Studios’ sequel to 2016’s Salt and Sanctuary throws your pitiful adventurer against monsters of towering, hulking shapes, and sizes, asking you to venture forth into the wider world and literally eat mages alive to restore balance throughout the land.

I will first cover how to play with friends then I will cover how to play with random players. Invading and PvP will be covered in another guide.

How To Play With Friends And Random Players In Salt And Sacrifice

How To Play With Friends

To play local co-op with a friend, you will need to have a second player press a button on the main menu. This will cause a second menu to pop up, that will allow the second player to create or load a character.

  • To play online co-op with a friend, you will first need to finish the tutorial and make it to the hub world called Pardoner’s Vale.
  • Once here, follow the path that goes and you will find a Co-operation Board.
  • This board will allow you to host a lobby for a friend, or to join a friend.
  • If you are hosting, put in a code by placing the runes and choose Host.
  • Inform your friend of this code and have them enter this code at the Co-operation Board and choose Join. Shortly after, they will join your game.

Salt and Sacrifice co op board

Salt and Sacrifice How To Play 3 Player Co-Op


How To Play With Random Players

If you want to join a random player, you will need to use a Pale Candle. This candle can be obtained from Ashbourne Village. You will need to make enough progress in this area to get to the right side of the spawn area. This is done early on.

Once you get on that side, you will need to drop below the floor near the gate and open the sealed door. This door will require you to obtain a certain amount of Mage Hearts. If it’s green, you should be able to enter this area.

  • You would need to progress to the left and talk to an NPC.
  • She will inform you that she will return to Pardoner’s Vale, which is the hub area.
  • Head back to Pardoner’s Vale, then run to the left and go below where the cat is, and enter the building.
  • Once you talk to the NPC again, she will give you the Pale Candle.
  • To host a lobby for a random player to join, you would need to be Guiltless.
  • This is done by using a Guiltless Shard. These are easily obtained by defeating minions summoned by mages.
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Once you are Guiltless, you will need to use the Golden Candle. This can be obtained in Ashbourne village. Once in this area, just go to the left and go inside the cave. Inside this cave will be an exit located in the middle right of the cave. Upon exiting the cave you will find a chest containing the Golden Candle.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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