Remnant 2: How To Fix Corrupt Saved Files 

One of the most frustrating ones includes the corruption of your saved game files. This can lead to hours of gameplay getting wasted if you cannot get it back. In order to get ahead of the error, the following guide will help you in dealing with them. 

Remnant 2: How To Fix Corrupt Saved Files 

Players should always be on the lookout to avoid the corruption of saved files and, if it does happen, to remedy it as soon as possible. You have to begin by finding where you have stored the save folder for Remnant 2.

If you are using a PC, it would be

  • %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Remnant2\Steam

and then the saved folder using your Steam account.

For players on consoles, whether it is PlayStation or Xbox, you will get the saved games syncing on their own to the cloud. 

Remnant 2 - backup save

You will have to make a copy of the whole folder at this point. Place it in a different location or in the cloud itself. It is to make sure you will have a safe point if things go sideways by chance for the processes later on.

After you are done, get inside the original folder and start inspecting them for corrupt files. The .sav extensions will be mostly there, so make sure you are opening each of them individually to find the culprits.

Additionally, there are also .bak1, .bak2, and .bak3 files that are backups, with .bak1 being the latest one. 

Remove the corrupted .sav files and rename the .bak1 file to the same name. This will take the corrupt file’s place in Remnant 2.

Once done, players who are using consoles will be able to simply re-sync the respective accounts to the cloud in order to get back the saved files that are not corrupted, which will now become the default ones.

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However, if players are unable to get the previously saved files or the process does not work, there is no choice but to play the game all over again from the last good saved point. 

Remnant 2 - protecting corrupt files

Remnant 2: How to Avoid Saved Files Corruption

There are a few reasons why saved files become corrupted, including the likes of frequent crashes and damage to files. Sudden stoppages, and more.

You should also give more precedence to manually saving the game rather than autosaves. Players will realize their files are corrupted with signs like errors in loading, graphical issues, glitches, and more.

It takes time to damage a saved file, so you do not have to worry right from the start in most cases. The big point here is that you will not be able to transfer your progress across platforms, so PC players are more in danger. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to protecting your saved files as much as possible. You will be safe most of the time but do keep up the good work in order to keep enjoying Remnant 2. 

Last Updated on February 4, 2024

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