Remnant 2: How To Fix Stuttering, Low FPS, and Lags

While the graphical demands of Remnant 2 are not too much compared to some other significant launches, it can still be frustrating for players. That is why we have listed some common fixes for players to implement in the game to play seamlessly. 

Remnant 2: How To Fix Stuttering, Low FPS, and Lags

Players may need to use a combination of the following methods if the problems persist in the game.

That is why there is no one correct way of resolving these issues yet, and the biggest hope is that the developers will provide us with a patch soon. 

Remnant 2 - lags

Fixing graphics settings

Players have to adjust the level of their graphics settings depending on what kind of system they are using.

If you are running it on the minimum requirements for Remnant 2, then you should start on low settings before slowly increasing to make sure there are no crashes or lags. That is why optimization of the game settings remains a key savior. 

Stopping Steam Overlay

One of the main things that players can do early on is not allow the Steam Overlay, which can affect your CPU and RAM performances.

You should head into your Steam Library and right-click on the game. Choose Properties, and under the General tab, do not check the “Enable Steam Overlay” box. Once done, you should restart Remnant 2 to see if the FPS improves. 

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Updating drivers

You should always check your graphics driver and how they are performing. Nvidia and AMD have released specially dedicated graphics cards for AAA games, including Remnant 2. So, head over to the respective website depending on your driver, to get it. 

Remnant 2 - stuttering

Optimizing your system

If you are running a lot of applications in the background, make sure to close all of them before running Remnant 2.

A bloated hard drive can be another major factor in the game slowing down and not performing as expected.

Additionally, players should keep the game off their anti-virus protection list as well to not disrupt smooth functioning. 

Uninstall and reinstall the game

Another attempt can be made to get the game installed afresh so that any harmful files or improperly installed stuff can be removed.

Many times, it does happen that the game shows errors the first time around so players need to fix them. 

Thus, that is all the information players can use now as they look to deal with the issues posed by Remnant 2.

If none of these workout, you can head to the support page of Gearbox and raise a ticket to make them aware, which they are already.

There is a patch coming from the developers in order to address some of the persistent problems soon. 

Last Updated on February 4, 2024

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