Remnant 2: How To Fix Crashing And Not Launching

One of the most irritating problems has been the game crashing moments after starting it or failing to start entirely. This particular issue has been happening mostly to PC players for now, so the following guide is focused on those players.

In that regard, you will find some helpful methods to solve the error and how to get the game running normally again. 

Remnant 2: How to Fix Crashing and Not Launching

While there are several approaches for players to attempt in order to get Remnant 2 working, it is advised that you may have to mix them and apply them.

One of the methods on its own will not necessarily be effective. That is why make sure you are not giving up hope and keeping your efforts up. 

Remnant 2 - system requirements

Checking PC requirements 

The first place to start is, of course, understanding whether the game will be able to run on your PC. You may be surprised with how much the game will demand from your PC as evidenced by the minimum and suggested requirements. 

Minimum requirements: 

  • Storage: 80 GB SSD
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-7600/AMD R5-2600
  • DirectX: 12
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650/AMD Radeon RX 590
  • Memory: 16 GB 
  • Broadband internet 

Suggested requirements: 

  • Storage: 80 GB SSD
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-10600K/AMD R5-3600
  • DirectX: 12
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060/AMD Radeon RX 5700
  • Memory: 16 GB 
  • Broadband internet 

Checking the integrity of game files

Another common solution has been to verify the game files through the Steam Library. Once you are in there, go to Remnant 2 and right-click on it to choose Properties.

You will find the Local Files tab and choose “Verify integrity of game files…“After it is finished, you can start over Steam and launch Remnant 2 to see if the problem is fixed. 

Players who have got the game through Epic Games can do the same via its own library. You will find Remnant 2 present within the Installed Games tab and choose the Manage option. Select Verify and once done, restart Remnant 2 on your PC. 

Keep all the important files.

If players are seeing errors like “MSVCP140.dll missing” or “vcruntime140_1.dll missing,” that means players have to get the newest edition of Microsoft Visual Studio on their system.

You will get it on the official website, and after it is done, right-click on the vc_redist.x86.exe and run it as administrator. Choose to either Install or Repair and follow the next steps. 

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Updating Windows

Remnant 2 will only be working properly if players have Windows 10 or 11 on their PC and only on the 64-bit version. In case you do not have it or want to check, go to the Search Bar and type in “winver” and choose the topmost application.

You will get to see the full information related to your system. Go through them and if there are updates to be made, get them installed. 

Razer Software issues

There are some profound problems with the gamers of Razer software as it asks you to make use of their software after you connect a device. Once it is done, the devices sync on their own, meaning it can change specific settings on their own, leading to issues.

Some of the most problematic files include

  • C:\Windows\System32\RzChromaSDK64.dll
  • C:\Windows\SysWOW64\RzChromaSDK.dll
  • C:\Windows\SysWOW64\RzAPIChromaSDK.dll

In order to resolve this,  discard Razer and look for the files that are remaining.

Once that is done, reinstall Razer, and you can carry on. Do check if all the files are deleted from your PC. Look for chroma in the C-drive or ask Razer for help if you cannot discard them by hand. 

Updating Graphics Drivers

For Nvidia Drivers, they have the special Driver v536.67 that is tailor-made for Remnant 2. On the other hand, AMD has launched its own Adrenalin 23.7.1 Driver for all the newly released games. 

Remnant 2 - verify files

Checking your Antivirus 

You should add the game to the list of exceptions in the antivirus software so it does not block the game from running. Additionally, players may be required to stop their real-time scans and safety features. You also have to allow Remnant2.exe from your Windows Firewall. 

Start the game through the .exe file.

You have to run the file as an administrator. Go to the folder of Remnant 2 and right-click to bring Properties. Under the Compatibility tab, choose the administrator to run and apply.

Now, you can run the game through the .exe file as opposed to visiting the Steam Library.

Finding any background problem

There could be other applications going on in the background that may cause issues with the game. You can check via the Selective Startup by typing in msconfig through the search box.

Choose System Configuration and go to Selective Startup within the General tab. Players have to uncheck the Load startup items and apply. Start over your PC and launch Remnant 2. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need in order to address the problem of crashing or not launching Remnant 2. In case none of these methods work out, you will have to visit the Support site and raise a ticket. 

Last Updated on February 4, 2024

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