Resident Evil 4 (RE4) Remake: How To Adjust FOV

With the perfect FOV setting in place, these shooting games take up a life of themselves which only increases the enjoyment. With that in mind, the following guide will help players change and adjust the FOV in Resident Evil 4 Remake. 

RE4 Remake: How to change and adjust Field of View (FOV)

The FOV refers to the distance between yourself and the camera in the game. It is very important to be set correctly and can help you view crucial aspects of any scene.

The changes in Field of View will affect the zooming capabilities, meaning you will either zoom in or zoom out to the side your character is looking at. Your aiming prowess will also improve and you will be able to play better against enemies. 

Resident Evil 4 - gameplay

The improved wide aspect ratio also has its disadvantages. This can slow down the game’s performance because the system has to work extra to show all the objects onscreen.

Players will be able to fiddle around with their Field of View depending on your monitor. Decreasing the Field of View will narrow down your vision but the game performs more smoothly. 

  • Once you start the game, head to Options and go to the Camera tab.
  • You will come across the Field of View option where you can scroll the slider to whatever you feel the best setting to be.
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Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Field of View (FOV) is not like some of the other recently-released games even if you keep it to the fullest. This is deliberately designed by CAPCOM since they want players to concentrate on the character and the gaming experience will degrade if you put the Field of View to a very high setting.

Resident Evil 4 - FOV

You will also find some more Camera options like Camera Wobble, Running Camera Assist, and more. Players can play around with these to find the optimal environment for playing the game. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the Field of View (FOV) setting. There can be some instances where it may seem like your changes have not taken any effect which can be the result of your current area.

That is why it is advised to take stock of your FOV situation away from closed spaces. You should save all changes before exiting the Settings menu. 

Last Updated on February 7, 2024

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