Risk of Rain 2 – How To Restore Lost Unlocks/Progress Guide

The game is a follow-up to the original title, Risk of Rain which is a rogue-lite 3D platform Third-person shooter game Developed by Hoopo Games and Published by Gearbox. Now, If you have worked hard to unlock all the characters and progressed miles ahead in the game then losing everything because of a bug can be a letdown. If you happen to come across such a bug then no need to panic, there is a FIX to restore these back so keep reading…

How to Restore Your Unlocks:

1. Go to …Steam\userdata\144841958\632360\remote\UserProfiles There will be two XML files.

2. Check the date of the change. We would require the oldest one. Preferably, open it with Notepad or any other TXT editing tool you wish.

3. Scroll to the bottom. You will come across something like this if you opened the correct file.

4. You need to copy all the contents of this file and overwrite contents in another file with it. Another file was created by the game when you lost all the Progress. And the game currently uses it for saving progress.

Don’t forget to save changes. And this should help you get back all the progress and unlocked characters that you would have lost.

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