Saints Row 2022: How To Play Multiplayer Mode With Friends

The return of the Saints Row franchise has been warmly accepted with players diving into the open-world shooter. I am quite enjoying myself going over the familiar and new haunts, with many additional characters.

There is a great deal of excitement when players are batting the conditions and overcoming adversaries, sometimes together.

Yes, the game has brought back the co-op Multiplayer mode, which is more expansive than ever. Players can hop onto missions with teammates and even wreck havoc as they wish.

I am reveling in the joy of the co-op feature, which has become my favorite mode. Therefore, I break down the mechanics of getting started in Multiplayer mode below.

Saints Row 2022 Gameplay

Saints Row: How to start and play Multiplayer Mode

As soon as you open the game, the co-op menu is available on the main screen. You can choose between the “Campaign” and “Co-op Campaign,” with the former being the normal style missions. Here are the full details regarding how to get started:

  • The first thing you have to do is determine whether you are hosting a game or joining another
  • Hosting means to restart an already saved game with someone else and continue where you left off
  • However, if you are starting a new one, it will all be from the beginning.

I opened up the pause menu and chose ‘Co-op’ which allowed me to invite friends. The same goes for joining a game, with the pause or main menu giving the full friends list.

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I also tried getting on a random game through the game’s “Matchmaking” option, that has no limits and the thrill of the unknown.

Saints Row 2022 - Multiplayer co-op mode

Here are some more options for the whole mode:

  • Players can change a multitude a settings from the “Co-op Settings” menu
  • You will be able to modify your privacy level, whether to keep friendly fire, HQ customization, and even Pranking, which will come online soon
  • However, players looking for cross-play are out of luck as PC and console players mix
  • Nevertheless, playing across different generations of the game is still possible, like PS4 and PS5. You will still need a subscription of PlayStation Plus
  • Another downside is if you are like me with a lot of friends playing, you can only choose one of them to join.

Thus, that is all I have for you today regarding the Multiplayer Mode in Saints Row 2022. It is a great addition which will give you a lot more adventures and pervasive action.

However, the limits are pretty constraining, but the Matchmaking option can be a boon in disguise as you progress.

Last Updated on August 25, 2022

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