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A brief guide on how to complete Tribal Hunter’s several endings. Small note: Later on, any fresh details regarding the endings will be included. Oh, and there will be spoilers, of course. You should be aware that none of the endings demand 100% completion or any other specific conditions before we begin.

Whether or not you have unlocked every boss or defeated every secret, you can still obtain every ending. There are now 3 different game endings. 1 True Ending and 2 Neutral Endings. So let’s get started!

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All 3 Endings in Tribal Hunter

Escape the Island [Neutral Ending]

How to get this ending: After defeating Lord Darkdread in the castle, leave the room you entered from the left.
A cinematic depicting Munch, the villagers, and the pirate crew departing the island on a ship will play when you leave the room.

The island disintegrates, but they manage to leave unharmed, and they have plans to locate a new home. Ending Tip: Following the cutscene, an unidentified voice will inquire as to whether this was indeed your destiny. It will provide you with a clue as to the Darkdread’s throne room secret.

Fate Sealed (Neutral Ending)

How to get this result: After defeating Lord Darkdread in the castle, proceed to the throne. The Spirit will show up and urge you to eliminate it. When the floor cracks, ground/body slams the throne until you tumble into it. The Spirit will then ask you to seal it away with your body when you see the seal. Breathe in the seal.

The Spirit will instruct Munch to “relax now since you have accomplished your job as a Guardian,” once you have sealed away the darkness. Munch is sacrificed in order to preserve the island. The scene will cut to Munch, who is (likely) dozing off constantly.

Ending hints: A mysterious voice will utter the words “Was this really your fate?”. It will advise you to demonstrate your superiority over that.

A True Guardian (True Ending)

Follow the same procedures as for the Fate Sealed ending to get this ending. However, do not pay attention to the Spirit this time. Continue to punch the seal as opposed to sealing the darkness. You will irritate the Spirit, who will tell you to halt.

Punch the seal repeatedly until it ruptures. The Spirit will be furious with you and refer to you as a “traitor.” A damaged Munch doll will be seen tumbling to the ground as the island begins to collapse after the castle explodes on screen.

The islanders will think about leaving, but the villagers are still certain that Munch can clean up this mess. Munch has the doll in his possession and is getting ready to put things to rest for good.


The Final Battle

Munch will be instructed by the village elder to be ready before the decisive battle. Purchase lots of healing supplies, and maximise milk upgrades. When you’re ready, move to the right to find To-Ri. He will lead you to The Spirit, the final foe. Three phases make up the Spirit.

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Phase 1:

She attacks you in a bullet-hell fashion by shooting light arrows. Not too extreme, but yet rather difficult to avoid. When she does, you can consume the floating, grey slimes to fill your fullness meter.

Phase 2:

The Spirit gains many more attacks when it turns into a dragon. She now possesses a homing and charging strike in addition to the light arrows. She will launch one electric orb at you in the homing attack. By punching it, you might be able to break it.

Grey slimes for ingestion will spawn after the electric orb is broken. She charges you three times in a row for the charging attack. Keep in mind that this strike is incredibly challenging to avoid up close, so when she begins to target you, get as far away as you can.

Last Phase:

The Spirit will change into an ENORMOUS dragon. The dragon’s head, as well as its two hands, will appear with vanishing platforms in midair. Jump on the platforms that will appear and vanish around her head so you may strike her.

Keep in mind that you can only harm the head; assaulting the arms is completely useless. At the smallest size, you’ll discover that you’ll do almost no damage, so don’t worry! You’ll get help from the islanders when they drop food on the battlefield. This stage is still simpler than Phase 2 even without meal assistance.

Her arms can fire circular bursts of light arrows as well as occasionally slam into the ground, sending up pillars in the process. This strike is rather sluggish and moves the pillars from the current arm to virtually the center of the screen.

The map occasionally disappears, revealing her body. The ground will be struck by a large boulder. You should follow the islanders’ advice and hide behind the boulder. You definitely don’t want to be struck by this attack.


She regains her composure and makes a pledge to improve after calming The Spirit down (by beating her). After the credits with some cutscenes in between, the screen goes black.

One final choice

Munch will go on a picnic with the local girl. Now that the island is at peace and he has essentially finished his job, Munch expresses his desire to go to new places. Once more, the Spirit will manifest. When she learned the village girl’s wishes, she gave Munch the option of becoming a human and residing among them OR remaining as a lizard guardian.

Make your decision as you like because neither option will change how the story ends.


That concludes all three (current) endings! Since it was noted on the Kickstarter website, I’m not sure if there will be DLC, but if there is, I’ll update this post.

Happy eating and thanks for reading my quick guide!

Last Updated on August 26, 2022

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