Myth of Empires – Copper Coins Farming Guide and Tips

Welcome to this guide on Myth of Empires where I will show you how to farm copper coins. These Farming tips regarding the copper coins will help you to store a lot of copper for yourself.

As you may already know, copper coins are used in the game to do a number of activities. These include skill upgrades, general level up (450+) and much more. Check out the full post for the entire set of details.

The BEST Way To Farm COPPER COINS!: Myth of Empires Survival RPG

Myth of Empires – Copper Coins Farming Guide and Tips

I will start off by saying that farming copper coins at lower level areas are decently feasible. This is equal or even greater than what you get in higher level areas. Farming coins in lower level area means:

  • Easy Farm of Coins
  • That is because enemy levels are low
  • Finishing off an enemy is quick
  • Feasible tip as compared to farming in higher level areas
  • Higher level areas have tougher enemies
  • More time consuming farming methods in high levels

Next, I will discuss the locations to farm the copper coins in MoE.

Where To Farm Copper Coins⇓

There are specific locations you can head over to where you would find low level bandits. This is where you can easily farm the copper coins. To be precise:

  • Look for low level areas in Myth of Empires World Map
  • Usually the banks are a good spot
  • The bandits there, drop decent copper coins
  • Farming at these spots, is much easier than higher areas.

The BEST Way To Farm COPPER COINS!: Myth of Empires Survival RPG

Usually the small huts and towns in these low lying areas are full of bandits. If you are able to find the low levels ones, they will be easier to slay and farm the copper coins from. Otherwise you can also look for other areas nearby.

Farming Bandits for Copper Coins⇓

The bandits drop a lot of copper coins if farmed correctly. Usually in a small village of bandits, you can get 75 Copper Coins per enemy. You can farm somewhere around 30-40 bandits per village.

  • For PvE servers the coin count is normal
  • For PvP severs, the copper coin count gets doubled

Standard Border enemies drop fair amounts, but the Gold border enemies are the one to go for if you are aiming for higher levels. They usually drop the most coins in the game.

Which Weapons to Use?⇓

In terms of weapons to use, it is ideal to use a sword rather than any other heavy weapon. That is because these will be low level enemies and you would want to swing quickly and one shot them.

  • One-handed axes take time to swing
  • Swords are quick and agile
  • Usually lower level enemies get one shot from these weapons

Take note that any kind of weapon gear will work. Since these are low level, you can easily slay them with one or two shot even without any levelled up weapons.

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Once you get to higher level proficiencies, skill levels, and other aspects, you can clear out higher levels of enemies for more Copper Coins.

Using Other Strongholds for Copper Farming⇓

As I mentioned earlier, you can go to higher places and strongholds once you have enough level in your skills, proficiency, and weapons. These places are also great for other activities also:

  • Farm Higher level strongholds once you can level up
  • Level up any of the weapons you want here
  • There can be NPCs near the water bodies also whom you can farm.
  • It is better to time your attack rather than hold the attack button
  • That is because they can get blocked by the NPCs
  • A horse with a polearm is a decent way to farm these NPCs for Copper Coins

The BEST Way To Farm COPPER COINS!: Myth of Empires Survival RPG

What else can you farm besides Copper Coins?⇓

You can get a lot of other materials and items besides just farming copper coins. Mainly they are:

  • Skill Efficiencies
  • Basic Pole Arm Recipes (Example)
  • Basic Heavy Armor Recipes (Example)
  • Rare Chest Keys
  • Treasure Box Keys
  • Treasure Maps

To use these Recipes or skills proficiencies, just click on them and Press or Hold “E” (By default)

The BEST Way To Farm COPPER COINS!: Myth of Empires Survival RPG

You can also Spilt, or Drop them as alternative options as you can see from the image above.

More Guides and Tips on Farming⇓

If you are running this farm in a PvP server, be very weary of other players since they can easily slay you and take your loot. For PvE servers, you do not need to worry about that, but the loot is less.

Having that said, use the PvE servers for a more easier and chill method to farm copper coins. Also, make a spawn point so that if you die, you can just go out, grab your things and get back to farming again. To sum it up, keep in mind the following for farming copper coins in Myth of Empires:

  • Farm NPCs at lower levels on PvE servers
  • The Copper Coins get doubled when you are on PvP servers
  • Use quick weapons to deal the most damage quickly
  • Do higher NPCs only after you are decently levelled up
  • River Banks and strongholds are good sources to farm copper coins
  • Be careful of other player who can take your loot in PvP servers
  • Use weapon proficiency skills more to do this farm
  • You also get other items like treasure maps, chest keys, and skill recipes during the farm.

That would be all that I can share for this guide on farming or getting copper coins in Myth of Empires. If you have other unique ways to farm them efficiently, do let me know in the comment section below.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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