Sims 4 Acting Guide | How To Become An Actor

In today’s guide I have given a detailed description of how to succeed as an actor in the game Sims 4. This is an acting guide where I have talked about how to find work as an actor. You will also be guided on how you can shoot films as an actor and everything else you need to know.

At the end of the guide I have also given an acting tier list where you will be able to find out the pay for each category of actors. Enjoying playing Sims 4? Leave a comment to let me know.

How To Be A Successful Actor In Sims 4

So, you want to be famous, right? Well, thanks to the Get Famous expansion pack, The Sims 4 has just the job for you. Acting, on the other hand, isn’t exactly a walk in the park, and it can take up a significant amount of your Sim’s free time.

So, if you truly want to make a name for yourself and become the talk of the town, you should probably plan on a long journey.

How To Find A Job As An Actor

It all starts with a newspaper, a phone, or the internet, just like every other Sims career. You can look for your first acting job by going to any of these websites. You will, however, need to attend an audition first. By scrolling through the Check Open Auditions menu, you can find an audition that best suits your Sim’s ability.

You may need to master a new skill depending on the audition. In most cases, you’ll require a particular Acting Level. This can be improved by practicing in front of a mirror or using a microphone. Before attending the audition, double-check the prerequisites, as a lack of skill will almost certainly result in failure.

What To Do After Getting An Acting Job

You’ll need to attend the location to shoot the sequences once you’ve got a lucrative job. To find out when your scenes start, access the jobs panel by pressing J. Remember that you’ll need to stay motivated before going on set, so practice your speech in front of the mirror. This will not only help you warm up, but it will also help you improve your acting level.

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As you complete each gig, you will have the opportunity to discover more employment and, as a result, increase your visibility. Your celebrity status will rise with each Acting Level point you earn and each project you finish. If you appear in enough films, you’ll find yourself ascending the career ladder.

Acting Pay Tier List

As an aspiring actor, you will need to work your way through ten stages in total. Earning three stars in each endeavor will get you promoted. To earn stars, you must complete the job criteria, stay motivated, and be on time for your shift.

PositionPay per GigPromotion Bonus
Uncredited Extra$640None
Background Actor$640$200
Commercial Spokesperson$1,755$250
Guest Star$1,755$350
Supporting Actor or Actress$4,010$400
Sitcom Star$4,010$600
Rising Star$4,010$800
Seasoned Thespian$9,800$1,200
Silver Screen Icon$9,800$1,800

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Last Updated on October 24, 2022

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