A Guide To Completing The Missing Bodies Quest In Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2’s second biome, Axis Mundi, provides a fascinating affinity bonus. With players exploring the area, they will interact with an Insight called ‘Missing Bodies.’ Thereafter, the quest will whisk away players to the Observation Room of Kerguelen Gatehouse.

Here, the players will receive a hint reading, “the back door to the Kerguelen Gatehouse is revealed in the lights.” The following guide will help you solve this quest and, come out with a great bonus in the end.

rogue legacy 2 missing bodies quest

A Guide To Completing The Missing Bodies Quest In Rogue Legacy 2

The quest is present in Axis Mundi as mentioned above. Players must reach the end of the area in order to get to the boss’ door. There will be two waterwheels present in the room just before this one. No matter how many times a player visits Axis Mundi, this feature will remain the same. Now, you are directly underneath the Kerguelen Gatehouse. 

Use of Spell

Next, the players must use a spell or class talent and hit the part of the ceiling, partly hidden by the upper waterwheel. A path will open up, which the players must follow to the left, then up, and finally, right, where they will be asked to select RB. 

Now, the players will find themselves in a room with a narrow corridor filled with burgeoning roots. Here, they must use their weapons to slash through them in order to reach another room at the other end of the corridor. 

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Second Room Tips

In the second room, players will find a memory fragment that will throw up some text once they interact with it. You have now reached the end of the Missing Bodies quest, and it is completed once you go through it. 

The ultimate goal of this whole quest is to increase your damage against the bosses of Axis Mundi, Void Beasts, by 15%. The boss is present at the last door of Axis Mundi, just after the Kerguelen Gatehouse. 

Final Tips

There are other bonuses of this kind strewn across the game that you can find and complete in order to get rewards. 

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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