SMTV: Vengeance – Beginner’s Tips, Tricks And Strategies

Welcome to the world of Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance, where survival hinges on strategic thinking, tactical prowess, and a deep understanding of game mechanics. As you delve into this challenging RPG, here are some essential tips to navigate the treacherous landscapes and daunting boss battles.

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Beginner’s Tips, Tricks & Strategies For SMTV: Vengeance

Here are the ultimate strategies to ace this game:

Harness the Power of Dampeners

In SMTV: Vengeance, bosses are formidable foes that can turn the tide of battle with devastating moves. Stock up on dampeners and deploy them strategically during boss fights, especially when they’re about to unleash their most powerful attacks. For instance, using a dark dampener against Hydra’s Toxic Breath can nullify the damage, giving you a crucial advantage.

Embrace Fusion as Your Ally

Unlike Pokémon, where sticking with your starter might work, SMTV encourages frequent demon fusion. Fusion allows you to create demons with stronger stats, better resistance, and the ability to carry over desired moves. Don’t hesitate to fuse demons regularly to adapt to the challenges ahead and keep your party competitive.

Adapt Affinities to Match the Foe

Each boss in SMTV specializes in certain elements. Customize your demon team with essences that resist or are immune to the boss’s attacks. For example, Daemon’s resistance to fire and immunity to the dark makes him an excellent choice against Hydra, mitigating some of its deadliest moves and easing the pressure on your protagonist.

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Utilize Buffs, Debuffs, and Ailments

In the world of SMT, buffs and debuffs can turn the tide of battle. Always debuff bosses early on since multi-target buffs are scarce. Additionally, ailments like seal, charm, and sleep, while resisted by most bosses, can still provide valuable openings for your team. Experiment with different strategies to exploit weaknesses and gain the upper hand.

Mastering Magatsuhi Skills

Magatsuhi skills offer diverse abilities that can enhance your combat effectiveness. Experiment with different Magatsuhi skills to find synergies that complement your playstyle. Acquire talismans to unlock specific race abilities, and remember, later in the game, your protagonist can utilize Magatsuhi skills from any active party member, making diversity advantageous.

Protect Your Protagonist from Instant Kills

A critical aspect of survival in SMTV is managing your protagonist’s weaknesses. The default weakness to dark makes your protagonist vulnerable to instant kills. Adjust your affinities to mitigate this risk, as losing your protagonist means immediate game over. Stay vigilant and prioritize defense to avoid costly mistakes.


Navigating Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance demands both strategic foresight and adaptability. By mastering demon fusion, leveraging elemental affinities, and utilizing buffs/debuffs effectively, you can tip the scales in your favor, even against the most challenging enemies. Embrace the depth of gameplay and immerse yourself in the intricate world of SMTV, where every decision shapes your path to victory or defeat.

Whether you’re a seasoned demon tamer or a newcomer to the series, SMTV: Vengeance promises an unforgettable journey filled with tactical challenges and rich storytelling. Prepare yourself, sharpen your skills, and embrace the thrill of battle as you uncover the mysteries that await in this captivating RPG adventure.

Last Updated on June 22, 2024

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