Sniper Elite 5 | Invasion Mode – Complete Walkthrough And Tutorial

Karl Fairburne fights to expose Project Kraken in 1944 France in this award-winning series called Sniper Elite 5. As you fight across immersive terrain to stop the Nazi war machine in its tracks, the genre-defining authentic sniping with upgraded kill cam has never looked or felt better.

With a W/L of about 100:6, I made it to 100 invasion kills (the end of unlocks/progression for invasion mode). Here’s some food for thought, as well as some pointers on how to ruin other players’ days.

Complete Guide For Invasion Mode In Sniper Elite 5

What The Invasion Mode Is Actually

SE5 now has a new mode called Invasion. You descend into another player’s (or coop) game, similar to Dark Souls, with the purpose of making them cease having enjoyment.

By pressing escape and counting the number of players in the bottom-right corner, you can determine if the game is single-player or cooperative.

Invasion mode is available to all players for free and does not require any additional purchases. You take on the role of a German soldier with the opportunity to (slightly) modify your appearance.

You start out looking like the average German, but you can progress to a ghillie suit. To unlock anything in Invasions, you don’t have to play single player or multiplayer.

How To Customize Your Jaeger

Karl won’t be able to distinguish who is AI and who is a player if you choose clothing that blends in with the other German troops, according to loading screen tips. That’s just inexcusable.

You’re the only Jaeger with three guns running around the map. Your camouflage is irrelevant, and if you follow my method, Karl will never notice you. Always put drip first. Wear your best suit with the most medals until the last two outfits are unlocked.

How To Choose The Right Weapon

This guide’s only true “meat.”

A tiny French semi-automatic rifle, the Chad Gewehr 43, and the Thundercracker KAR98K are the only three alternatives for the Invader. But we’ll talk about rifles later because they’re irrelevant. Sub-machine guns and pure zerg energy are the only weapons you’ll need. Karl killers such as the MP40, Type 100, and Stg 44 are all outstanding.

  • The most common error Karl players make is reading “Sniper Elite” and thinking the game is about cautious positioning, creeping about marksmanship, and precision long-range shooting.
  • They take a just-in-case SMG with good mid-range performance and utilize their pistol as a suppressed weapon to dink AI.
  • That’s even more ridiculous than trying to “blend in” with other Germans.
  • Your sub-machine gun is your primary weapon. All three are excellent choices, with the Stg 44 providing the most drip and the Type 100 providing the most enjoyment.
  • Rank the following statistics in order of importance: Recoil comes first, followed by Spray Accuracy, Damage, and finally, everything else.

Because SE5 is a low-HP game, shooting Karl faster than he can shoot back is more crucial than having the biggest stick in the fight. Select soft point ammunition and swap to it as soon as the match begins!

The Jaeger is unconcerned with his inability to penetrate wood or metal helmets. Karl is not a fan of wearing a helmet. And, with the SMG, you should always aim for center mass (or the testicles).

Bullet speed and bullet drop are the most critical elements to consider if you have to use your weapon. Karl is always moving, therefore removing (or at the very least reducing) the amount of speed and distance compensation required can greatly increase your ability to strike him.

The semi-auto rifles deliver less damage than the KAR98K or Karl’s rifles, but they shoot significantly faster, providing a bonus similar to that of SMGs. Tacticool LARP snipers aren’t prepared for your hail of hatred. I recommend not using a silencer and utilizing match ammo.

The Jaeger values stealth, but not in the same way that Karl values it. If you and Karl inadvertently bump into each other while using the wrong weapon, mounting a bayonet might save your life, but you should have had your SMG ready.

I prioritize damage/range with semi-automatic guns, then aim for steadiness. I prioritize the rate of fire with the KAR98K, then damage/range, and finally stability.

You will have a very slow follow-up shot and extremely slow reloads if you fully optimize for damage/range. Even with a maximum damage Mauser, this game is exceedingly stupid, with fatal lung shots “downing” Karl than killing him. Before he can revive, crawl into cover, or be saved by a COOP teammate, get your follow-up shot as soon as possible.

Soft points appear to be useful for extreme damage, but with rifles, you’re more likely to be in circumstances where you need to breach shrubs, fences, and other obstacles. Armor-piercing rounds are also a viable option since you can use your binoculars (or scope) to tag Karl and then dome him through walls.

If you “empty lung,” your automatic bullet drop compensation will even guide your rounds through walls, guaranteeing you blast Karl off through three layers of stone windmills and ensuring he doesn’t accomplish the achievement he was working on before you invaded.

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I’ve been able to pierce walls using Match Bullets on many occasions. As soon as a match begins, switch ammo types once more. Pistols aren’t a vital focus, but consider the risk that you’ll scroll to the wrong weapon with your fat finger.

You’ll want to double-check that your sidearm is in working order. The Luger is set up for maximum damage, and a drum magazine will suffice. It will rapidly kill Karl while ensuring that players will scream about the atrocity you used to kill them.

How To Invade Correctly

1. Start the game.
2. Assault Karl
3. It’s that simple.

Invasions, in all seriousness, maybe a lot of fun or a lot of frustration. In most cases, you’ll spawn extremely close to Karl (within 150 meters), and there will already be an “alert” AI searching for him.

However, maps like the first level of the game are awkwardly chunked into pieces separated by shrubs and waist-high walls, so you may be 50 m away from Karl on the map but 50 km away from Karl in terms of the actual path to follow to get to his location. If he doesn’t move before you arrive, that is.

You should also try to learn where AI is likely to appear so that their existence (or absence) might warn you. On the fortified Chateau map, for example, there is a grain tower/barn with a German sniper; if you tag the sniper with your binoculars, you’ll know as soon as Karl shoots him – indicating that Karl is likely to take up a position in that tower. 

As a sniper Jaeger, you wield the potent “Wake up” skill, which allows you to command the AI around you to become less brain dead. They will share triangulation information with you if Karl is noticed or shoots too much, in addition to spotting Karl faster.

Always presume that their triangulation is close, but Karl will have moved by the time you arrive. Always give suspicious Karl locations a wide distance, and if possible, circle to attack from a different direction than the AI. 

Karl is unlikely to be killed by your grenades and explosives. Grenades, on the other hand, can flush him out of cover, while mines can both warn you and terrify Karl. 

Long before you had a chance to start hunting, most Karls kill themselves or are shot by AI. Even with a 100:6 W/L, it took me around 150 games. In other words, Karl is a complete moron in nearly a third of the instances. 

To chase Karl down on maps like level 1 or the blown-out city (I don’t know their names, I only invade, I haven’t touched the campaign at all), you must be extremely mobile as the Jaeger.

There is a massive central building with a dominating outlook in all directions on maps like Chateau or Hitler’s House. On these maps, you’ll want to use your binoculars to tag AI in each direction around your location, then wait for an AI to spot Karl or die and tell you where to look.

Mine stairwells and high-traffic halls to keep Karl from sneaking up on you in your own home. No matter if you’re inside, behind a window, or in complete darkness, you have an aggressive scope glint.

While your rifle is an excellent weapon for killing Karl, your binoculars are the better tool for searching for him. Binoculars won’t reveal your location, but glancing through your scope will alert Karls throughout France.

Karl’s main weapon is stealth. Yours is a pleasant surprise! Karl is intent on snooping around, and he has an entire German army to keep an eye on. You have the freedom to dash throughout the map while being protected by the Vaderland’s best soldiers.

In this game, you can practically partner up with Hitler to assassinate Karl. He’s the Vaderlander with the highest rank!

Don’t be alarmed if your stalking path takes you across a field of dead Germans; remember, this signifies you’ve arrived at a location Karl believes he’s already cleared. And Karl is incorrect.

Step over your brothers and follow in Karl’s footsteps. Make him plead Rebellion for a return because his only options are to 1) get half as much XP or 2) not earn any XP at all, being shot in the head by a Jaeger Sniper.

This is a game in which you play as a third person. It may feel like dirty cheese, but keep in mind that you can always peek around corners safely. This is crucial when looking for Karl among several objects. He’s probably doing the same thing anyway, trying to fool AI.


The fact that I, a mid-tier, low-skill gamer, achieved a W/L ratio of 100:6 (approximately) says it all about how difficult invading is (it isn’t). The invader has a significant advantage in this mode.

Last Updated on May 28, 2022

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