Sniper Elite 5: Guide To Eliminate Friedrich Kummler In Mission Two

There are several interesting and challenging Missions packed in Sniper Elite 5. Building on the successes of the previous edition, it features interesting gameplay, heavy weapons, and end-to-end action.

Before completing the other intricacies, players will need to find a crowbar in Mission One. Moving on to Mission Two, titled ‘Occupied Residence,’ you will have to destroy a Nazi target which will help thwart Operation Kraken.

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Moreover, you will also receive a sweet new weapon for use in future missions and objectives. This part of Occupied Residence falls under the category of ‘Kill Challenge,’ which gives further bonuses on top of the original rewards.

The following guide will help players access the house of Abelard Moller, where you will have to take down Friedrich Kummler.

Sniper Elite 5 - Friedrich Kummler

Sniper Elite 5: How to defeat Friedrich Kummler

The supposed head of Operation Kraken, Friedrich Kummler’s elimination is a pivotal moment in the game as it will slow down the onslaught from the Nazis.

You will find Kummler inside the lavishly-built chateau but do not after him immediately. There is a cellar in the building which contains a workbench.

The access to the cellar is via the moat, and even though the house has many ways of entry, going through the cellar will be the best option given it has very little security overall. 

Having gone through the cellar, you will need to move on to the ballroom located upstairs, where Friedrich Kummler will be present. 

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Players will have various options in how to eliminate Friedrick Kummler in the ballroom during the mission. These are the following ways in which you can achieve your goal: 

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Sniper Elite 5 Mission 2

  • Move to the second floor as Friedrich Kummler is chatting with a soldier in the middle of the ballroom.
  • Having reached it, you will find a switch on the second floor that activates the chandelier to fall on Friedrich Kummler, thereby eliminating him and completing the mission. 
  • If you do not want to get to the second floor, use a bottle to draw Friedrich Kummler’s attention.
  • As he moves to the spot where the chandelier is directly above him, shoot out the winch and it will drop on your target. 
  • For players who love the up-close and personal experience of defeating enemies, you can knock Friedrich Kummler out using C, before taking his limp body to the middle of the ballroom.
  • Then just repeat the previous in shooting out the winch of the chandelier. 

Thus, here are all the ways in which you can eliminate Friedrich Kummler to finish the Kill Challenge of Mission Two, Occupied Residence.

On top of the regular rewards, players will also be awarded a Karabiner 98 rifle. Therefore, going through this mission in a successful manner will be helpful in the short and long term. 

Last Updated on February 1, 2024

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