Sniper Elite 5: How To Find Marcel’s Key And Resistance Intel

The most popular shooting game right now, Sniper Elite 5, is a godsend for fans of the third-person shooter genre. It has tough enemies, great trophies, and creative gameplay, and requires you to use your wits in order to stop the ongoing Nazi invasion in its tracks.

One of the earliest missions is the Atlantic Wall, where players will have to visit a Resistance safe house in order to investigate Marcel and take a vital key from him. All of it can be a bit overwhelming at first, more so given that the game is having glitches in this mission.

However, this particular objective is vital to the overall outcome of the mission and players need to know how to pass it. Therefore, the following guide will help you in finding Marcel and recovering the key from him in Atlantic Wall.

Sniper Elite 5 - Find Marcel

Sniper Elite 5: How to find Marcel

Firstly, some players have complained of finding bugs when they are starting or in the middle of the mission. These have been of two types, the first being unable to reach Marcel and the other being his key not working properly. You can find the solution to these issues by reloading the autosave feature, which were made before the safe house and have a go again. 

Coming back to the mission itself, the Resistance building will be present in the southwest portion of the map. It is a big, tall yellow-coloured building which has Marcel inside.

Make your way to the front of the main entrance, and you can observe the vines to your left. These vines lead up the building, all the way to an unlocked window with a candle situated on the third floor.

Players have to climb up these vines, and make their way in through the window. This room contains Marcel’s corpse, near a table on the ground, alongside several flags and writing on the wall. 

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Finding the key and Resistance Intel

Search Marcel’s body in order to retrieve the key. Having done that, go through the doorway around you. Players are now in a small room with boards covering a portion of the floor.

You have to take these boards apart in order to find a hole that leads to the hidden bathroom underneath. Jump into the bathroom, and make your way to the exit.

You will see a door just to your left, which can be opened with the key you recovered from Marcel. This room houses the Resistance Intel, stored away in a safe on the floor by the bed. 

Having found the intel, you have to exit the room and move on to the next mission, ‘Occupied Resistance.’ Furthermore, there are extra objectives that players can accomplish.

These include battering coastline defences, demolishing gun battery and anti-air guns. The Kill Challenge is also there, as it is in every mission, so make sure to check that out too. 

These missions only heighten the mood of players in delving deeper into the game, and finding out the little details. You should definitely try them out, even though they are optional, for more rewards. 

Last Updated on February 1, 2024

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