Sons Of The Forest: All The Locations Of The Three Bows

The sequel to the critically hit The Forest of 2014 is here and it is already gaining a lot of acclaims. Players are diving headfirst into Sons of the Forest and experiencing what all there is on offer. The developers, Endnight Games, have been working hard to address some of the performance errors but players are finding solutions themselves as well.

There is a lot of stuff that players will be able to do including hunting for food, gathering supplies, building bases, and looking for items to protect themselves. In that regard, the game has three kinds of bows which are very helpful for players when it comes to surviving. Read on to find out how to get all three bows and how helpful they are. 

Sons of the Forest: All the locations of the three bows

The bows in Sons of the Forest are of great value given their silent nature and ability to hit from a large distance away. Players can take down enemies and cannibals without making a sound along with hitting animals for food. You will just have to be wary of not being spotted at your position, which will cause them to flee or take cover.

That is why keeping the bows handy is something players can definitely aim for in Sons of the Forest as soon as it is possible. 

Location of Crossbow 

The crossbow is located within the cave that is present around the coastline of the island. There will be a white cart containing a dead body near the entry point of the cave. That is how you will know you are at the right place.

Make your way to the cave and inside it, where there is a bunker which you will have to enter. Players must have their maintenance keycard as it is needed for all bunkers situated on the island. Once you are inside the bunker, go down the path and the crossbow will be present around some plant shelves having a dead body nearby as well. 

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Sons of the Forest - crossbow

Location of Crafted Bow

As the name suggests, players will have to construct this bow in the game. You will be requiring a piece of rope, duct tape, and two sticks. Ropes and sticks are available around trees and bushes but players can also cut down plants with their axe to get them.

The final item, duct tape, is to be found amongst loot, cases, and chests located all across the island. After you have the items necessary for the bow, press “I” to get inside your Inventory and pair up the stuff together. 

Location of Compound Bow

The final bow is situated around the crash site which has caves to the east as well. However, the most important aspect of this bow is that players will be needing the shovel beforehand.

This is because the Compound Bow is located underground in a bunker that players will have to dig for. Once you find the bunker, go inside and the Compound Bow is present in the bathroom near yet another dead body. 

Sons of the Forest - compound bow

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the three kinds of bows in the game. All of them will have their various usages as you progress further into the game and need more food or animals to take down. 

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023

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