Sons Of The Forest: How To Switch Big Head Mode On

The popularity of Sons of the Forest has been superb in the early days of its release this month. Players are diving into the game to experience the sequel to the 2014 classic The Forest with the underlying theme being the same.

You found yourself on an island and have to survive as you search for items and other companions. Nevertheless, it is not an easy task as there are several factors going against you every day. This can turn out to be a thankless task over a period of time and that is why the Sons of the Forest has included some fun aspects of gameplay. One of them is the Big Head Mode. 

Sons of the Forest: How to switch Big Head Mode on

As the name suggests, the Big Head Mode will turn heads…big. It is a fun addition to the serious gameplay which forms the backbone of the game. Players have been loving this feature in Sons of the Forest which provides comic relief amidst all the shooting and surviving.

You can turn on Big Head Mode very easily inside the game. 

Players have to press ESC on their keyboard which brings up the Options menu. Once you are in there, get into the Gameplay menu which contains the Gameplay tab, alongside Display, Graphics, Audio, and Controls.

Sons of the Forest - Big Head Mode settings

The Gameplay menu also has settings related to the field of view (FOV), GUI (which includes language, minimap HUD, and building icons), and structural damage which can be toggled on or off. The Big Head Mode is also something that you will find here and players will have to turn it on in order to have the effect inside the game. 

The effect of Big Head Mode is funny, to say the least. Your head and your companions’, Kelvin and Virginia, will all have huge heads, meaning you will be able to spot them from far away. Their big jugs will be in front of your screen all the time, but what makes it even up a notch is that even animals will start having bigger heads with this feature turned on.

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This will make their hunting far easier as well, which translates to more meat for you in terms of surviving for longer, especially during the winter when the dangers are far more frequent. 

Sons of the Forest: What to know more about Big Head Mode

While players are enjoying the funny side of the Big Head Mode, there may be questions surrounding whether anything else gets affected in Sons of the Forest. Well, you can rest easy knowing that the Big Head Mode only changes the appearance of your head and the living beings around you.

Sons of the Forest - Big Head Mode animals

Therefore, you can keep using it for as long as you want. That is why you can turn on Big Head Mode whenever the going gets tough or you feel a bit jaded out with all the cannibals and dead bodies present on the island. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the Big Head Mode in the game. It is a quirky aspect that is sure to be utilized heavily as the days go on. Players are enjoying the comic relief it provides, and there is no doubt you will certainly need it as you progress further. 

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Last Updated on March 1, 2023

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