Sons Of The Forest: How To Give A Weapon To Virginia

The newly launched Sons of the Forest is proving to be a great purchase for players due to the game’s style. You will have to survive after a crash landing, with cannibals around you amid the changing seasons.

Players have to search for resources, gather food supplies, build bases for protection, and more. It can get overwhelming at times, especially as you start the game, so there are some companions who will be around to help you around.

One of them is called Virginia, and she is a human mutant whom you will meet often. Additionally, you can even give your weapon to her in the game and the following guide explains how. 

Sons of the Forest: How to give a weapon to Virginia

Before we begin with how to hand Virginia a weapon, it is important that we learn some things about her. You will find Virginia coming to you whenever you are around summer areas that are not too cold.

The key thing to remember about your early interactions with Virginia is not to scare her off by showing or using your weapons. That is why players should hide their weapons (press ‘G’) when they see her coming and just ignore her for the most part.

Virginia will wander around and return multiple times before finally giving you a gift, indicating she wants to be your friend. 

Sons of the Forest - Virigina pistol

Once you have Virginia alongside you, there is the chance of giving her a weapon, most likely your pistol. After players are in possession of the pistol in the game and Virginia is firmly your friend, open the backpack by pressing E. Amongst the many items inside, you can choose the pistol and hand it over to Virginia, who is now able to use it in Sons of the Forest alongside you. 

After you have given her the weapon, players can ask for it back as well. The way to go about it is once again, pressing E when you are near Virginia and she will return the pistol to you.

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Players will realize that the system is the same as when you interact with anyone else in the game for items. However, players will not be able to give commands to her, meaning Virginia acts independently of the players but her presence will be very much felt in the game. 

Sons of the Forest: How Virginia helps players

Sons of the Forest - Viriginia companion

There are quite a few benefits of having Virginia around in the game. She can use a shotgun and pistol together, meaning you will be protected around her. The other big advantage is she gives you flowers, animals, and berries along with a number of other resources. Finally, Virginia is a great guide who can lead you to caves and other locations in Sons of the Forest. 

Players must give her a GPS tracker which will allow them to know the location of Virginia on the map. With Kelvin and Virginia, players will have a much easier time in terms of locating items in the game as they are spread out throughout the different areas.

Do keep in mind that Virginia cannot be revived so make sure not to accidentally wound or kill her using your weapon. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to knowing Virginia and giving her a weapon. It is of great importance that you keep Virginia as a companion for as long as possible until she chooses to wander off on her own. Given how she cannot be controlled, you would be best placed to let her be on her own.

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023

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