Sons Of The Forest: How To Find All Important Items 

The new offering from Endnight Games, Sons of the Forest, has been exciting fans for quite a while. Following on from the hit The Forest, this game also promises to be an action-packed survival blockbuster.

While there have been some issues with an inventory bug that is causing freezes, there is no doubt that players are eager to dive into the action as soon as possible. Given the huge array of items present in Son of the Forest, the following guide will help players in finding all of the vital and most important ones in the game. 

Sons of the Forest: How to find all important items 

The Compound Bow

Players will have to make their way to the Maintenance B hatch. Keep a shovel handy while a keycard is not necessary. As you move around the area, you will be able to locate the bow beside a drowned figure. Players will also get loot, a printer, and a silencer. 

Sons of the Forest - compound bow

Location of crashed plane

You will come across a downed airplane that contains money, loot, food, and a leather jacket of the pilot. Additionally, players can find huge amounts of deer which is good for food and armor. 

Sons of the Forest - crashed plane

The Katana

You will have to travel to a bunker near the lake where the katana is present in the living room near the couches as you search for it. 

Sons of the Forest - katana

The Revolver

As players dig through the golf field site, they will find the revolver within a compartment covered by a hatch as you go down enough. 

Sons of the Forest - Revolver

The can opener

Players will get this at the cave on the snowy mountain. There will be loot, rags, and some other stuff but the can opener will be within the cave. It is especially helpful when unlocking food cans later on. 

Sons of the Forest - can opener

The GPS tracker and pistol

The life raft present in the water, highlighted on the map so you will not have trouble finding it, will have the GPS tracker. The raft also contains stuff like a pistol. 

Sons of the Forest - GPS tracker

The Slingshot

Where you begin Sons of the Forest near the crash site, you will locate a cave containing three dead bodies. The corpse in the middle will have a slingshot.

Sons of the Forest - slingshot

The zipline gun

At the point where you join the game at the beach after the crash, players have to move north where they will see a cave near two tents. It has a water pond ahead of it and the zipline gun is here. 

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Sons of the Forest - zipline gun

The modern axe

You will find the modern axe jutting inside a person’s body at the campsite. It is heavy and slow but inflicts big amounts of damage. Be wary of cannibals around. 

Sons of the Forest - Modern axe

The Flashlight

The three blimping locations on the GPS map nearest to a cave. You will see a person hanging from a rope and after you get him down, there will be the flashlight. 

Sons of the Forest - flashlight

The rebreather and taser

The red cave will have the taser as you keep right inside with the track. Once you have it, go back out and keep moving which will bring you to a shark and the rebreather. Just dive into the water and grab the rebreather. 

Sons of the Forest - crossbow

The shovel

The zipline and rebreather will become very useful. Keep roaming around the place and you will find a canister for the rebreather. Do carry batteries for your flashlight as the cave is very dark. The cave will contain a body and after swimming, there is the shovel around. 

Sons of the Forest - shovel

The fireaxe and keycards

After you have the shovel, there are locations that will contain the fire axe and key cards which are crucial for journeying across the game. 

Sons of the Forest - fire axe and key cards

The shotgun

The maintenance key cards will allow you to get inside the bunkers. You will find the shotgun inside one of them. 

Sons of the Forest - shotgun

The silencer

Where the helicopter has crashed, there is the silencer and some loot. 

Sons of the Forest - silencer

The guitar, guest key, and chainsaw

The cave for this will need batteries. There are cannibals around and the cave is huge so a lot of exploring is needed. You will find money alongside the aforementioned items. The key is at the end of the cave, the guitar is on top of the bar, and the chainsaw is present near the cinema. 

Sons of the Forest - chainsaw, guitar, guest key

The machete

Where you will spawn, the machete is near there only. It juts out of a boat as you walk for a couple of minutes. The machete will be dealing lesser damage than the axe. 

Sons of the Forest - machete

The crossbow

After getting the keycard, get to the bunker below where there is a lot of plants. There is a lot of loot and bolts for crossbows. There is a body inside and the crossbow is around as well. 

Sons of the Forest - crossbow

The Golden Armor

The same area as the katana. The golden armor is around and this will help in reaching the end of the game. 

Sons of the Forest - golden armor

Thus, those are the most important items players will require in Sons of the Forest. You will be able to find all of them slowly and get to play the best way.

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Last Updated on March 1, 2023

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