Hogwarts Legacy: How To Find Missing Side Quests

Players will be able to participate in a variety of quests apart from the main storyline in Hogwarts Legacy. However, some of these quests may be missed by players, and the following guide explains how to find them. 

Hogwarts Legacy: How to find missing side quests

Given the large number of quests available in the game, it is very easy to miss one or two here. In fact, players have had to play some missions again in order to find the side quests. This is where your saved game slots will come in handy. 

The hardest side quests to look for have been “Sacking Selwyn,” “Tangled Web,” and “Well, Well, Well.” 

Sacking Selwyn Missing Side Quest

Hogwarts Legacy - Sacking Selwyn

Players will have to interact with Hyacinth Olivier at Cragcroft. The issue here is that winning against Silvanus Selwyn is not too difficult, meaning you may never find out how to complete the quest.

However, if you have won against Selwyn already, just go to Hyacinth Olivier, and you will receive the quest again. Once you take out Silvanus Selwyn the second time, there will be a prize awaiting you. 

Tangled Web Missing Side Quest

You will have to converse with Crispin Dunne, who will be present at the Three Broomsticks. You will also have to have learned the Alohomora Spell, whose Level 3 is also needed to get into the Upper Study of the Headmaster’s Office.

Similarly, this side quest will also have you picking open a lock to get into a room in order to get back an object for Crispin Dunne. After you have it, simply give it back to Dunne, who will reward you. 

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Hogwarts Legacy - well well well

Well, Well, Well Missing Side Quest

Players have to go to the Magical Well present in Aranshire within the Feldcroft Region. You will have to search around for a bit in order to locate it. After you have found it, interact with the well, and the quest begins.

Players have to gather three items present all around the nearby area. After you have it all, go back to the well to collect the prize. 

In order to find these quests while naturally playing the game, players can follow some of the below-mentioned tricks and tips.

  • Marking the map: You will see NPCs having markers on their heads to indicate they have side quests available. These symbols are present on the map.
  • To interact with them in order to find new quests and how to go about completing them. 
  • Exploration: Players should roam around the huge swathes of land around Hogwarts and the other towns nearby. There will be NPCs around and you will also be able to find side quests present. The interactions will be key in unlocking the side quests throughout the game. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to missing missions. Players will be more alert to their surroundings as they play along. Follow our Hogwarts Legacy page to keep up-to-date with the latest guides, news, fixes, and more every day. 

Last Updated on February 4, 2024

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