Destiny 2: How To Get Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk And What Perk It Has

There have been a number of weapon and armor pieces that players can go after in the end game of Destiny 2 over the previous seasons. The story is the same with Season of the Seraph as players scourge the various playlists and sectors for gear.

The ability to keep on upgrading your characters is a major bonus for players and when it comes to strength and usability, the Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk is a must-have for everyone. The Exotic chest piece of armor made its debut in Season of Plunder and is part of a long line of returnees which includes the likes of Touch of Malice, Fallen Sunstar, and more.

Nevertheless, the Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk is a very powerful item that players can definitely use during heavy battles but it is not easy to get. In that regard, the following guide will help players in finding the Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk and how to use it. 

Destiny 2 - Season of the Seraph - Gyrfalcon's Hauberk

Destiny 2: Season of the Seraph: How to get Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk

The bad news for players who want to quickly get their hands on Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk is that it not easily available. Players have to grind it out via Master and Legendary Lost Sectors in the game, as the chest piece is not part of any drops.

Given that the Lost Sector rotates daily, you will have to search for the activated ones and make sure that there is a reward for the exotic chest piece you are looking for at the moment. You will have to go at it alone which will enhance your chances of getting Exotic pieces.

While players may assume that the Master Lost Sectors are better for farming with how frequently the drops occur, they are also lengthier than the Legendary Lost Sectors which get over a bit quicker. Since the Legendary Lost Sectors finish earlier, you can opt for that more often.

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Destiny 2 - Season of the Seraph - Gyrfalcon's Hauberk Nightstalker build

Of course, there is still no surety that you will be landing up with the Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk as the rewards can also comprise weapons, Enhancement Cores, and other stuff.

Additionally, Destiny 2 has the habit of giving players new Exotics that you do not possess so if there’s a large pool, it may take some time for you to get the coveted chest piece. That is why you have to keep on grinding and eventually hope to land up with what you are looking for. 

Destiny 2: Season of the Seraph – What does the Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk do

The Exotic chest piece is a favorite among Nightstalker Hunters due to the special perk it carries. It is known as the ‘See Me, Feel Me’ which comes to life when you shut down invisibility.

Whenever you stop invisibility, your weapons earn bonus damage for a while and it gets better if you lose invisibility while doing a finishing move. That enables you and your teammates around you to earn more class ability regeneration and an additional overshield. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk. It is a great Exotic chest piece to have, mainly due to the big burst of damage that you are able to inflict using it. Players should definitely go for it and keep looking as much as possible. 

Last Updated on January 11, 2023

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