Sons Of The Forest: What Is The Infinite Log Glitch

The Early Access release of Sons of the Forest has been one of the most popular games in 2023. Players are combing through the sequel to The Forest in order to find all new stuff, including gameplay, items, and characters. You will be tasked with surviving day after day across all seasons which can get tough eventually.

While the Big Head Mode certainly provides a level of fun, there are some glitches in the game as well. Given the Early Access nature, it is expected that players will have some glitches and errors. Nevertheless, some have been helpful and players are using to the fullest like the Infinity Log glitch. 

Sons of the Forest: What is the Infinity Log glitch

There are a few glitches currently active in Sons of the Forest, which make duplicating stuff easier. Nevertheless, there have been some problems surrounding the Infinity Log glitch as well. It does look like working much better in multiplayer modes rather than the single-player mode. That means you can try out the glitch in both, but the former has a higher chance of succeeding. 

Players looking to turn on the Infinity Glitch have some options at hand. They are of different levels in terms of difficulty, meaning you will face challenges with each. Making logs infinite is harder than most of the other objects in the game, but you will be needing a lot of them as it is.

You will have to make the white circle appear and then pile logs on top of each other. Axes will be your best friend and here are the different methods for players to try out: 

Sons of the Forest - White circle log

Method one

Players have to cut down a tree and collect four logs. Make a corner of them by placing two in perpendicular style and then one more vertically around the corner. Keep holding one log as you observe the corner on the ground. The white circle will come up and set down the final log there. 

Method two

Keep one log on the ground and then another one vertically towards either end. The third log, you will have to keep as you are near the vertical log. The white circle should show up, and then start setting down the long continuously. 

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Method three

Chop down one long into four quarters. Place them on top of each other and then keep a normal log at the base like in the previous methods. 

While all the methods require different amounts of work, you will be able to successfully use the Infinity Log glitch to your benefit. The benefit of using the Infinity Log glitch is that almost everything that is constructed in Sons of the Forest needs logs. A cabin for your base requires 75 logs alongside doors, windows, stairs, and more stuff.

Sons of the Forest - four quarter logs

Additionally, you will be able to build up protection walls and borders around your bases which will protect you from cannibals and enemies. That is why you will need a big collection of logs as it is and it is not quick to gather logs in the game either. 

Given that the game is in Early Access mode, it may just be that the developers, Endnight Games, will provide a patch or update which removes the Infinity Log glitch soon. That is why it is important you keep storing up the logs as much as possible now.

There may also be a random happening that the game may need restarting due to the glitch, but you will be able to rack up the total quantity in a quick time. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the Infinity Log glitch. It is a great one to participate in, more so in the multiplayer mode where there have been more successes. 

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Last Updated on March 1, 2023

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