Soulmask | How To Assign Work To Tribesmen

In the world of Soulmask, mastering tribesmen management is crucial for survival. This guide equips you with essential skills. Discover how to assess tribesmen stats, assign jobs effectively, preset storage box types, and manage crafting tables efficiently. With this as your guide, elevate your camp’s efficiency and thrive in the wilderness.

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Work Assignment Guide For Tribesmen In Soulmask

In Soulmask, you have the ability to assign tasks to your tribesmen, ranging from resource gathering to crafting items and gear. This feature helps streamline your gameplay, allowing you to concentrate on exploring the enigmatic landscape. Let me guide you through the process of assigning tasks to your tribesmen.

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This guide covers the following:

  1. Checking a tribesman’s stats for effective tribesmen management.
  2. Appointing tasks for your tribesmen.
  3. Setting storage box types in advance.
  4. Assigning your tribesmen to oversee the crafting table.

Handy Shortcut Keys

[E]: Access the storage box or a tribesman’s bag. Hover over them and hold to access additional options.

[D]: Assign tasks at the Crafting Table.

[O]: View the tribesman’s stats.

[L]: Define the item type for the storage box.

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How To Assign Tasks

In the early stages of the game, once you’ve placed a bonfire, your first tribesman will be attracted. You can promptly assign them a task.

Are there any preparations needed before assigning tasks to your tribesmen?

Begin by pressing [O] to open the character page and left-click the button to switch tribesmen.

Alternatively, you can press to view the information of all tribesmen on the clan page.

Next, the tribesman’s details will appear on the right side of the screen, showcasing their maximum skill proficiency and learned weapon mastery. This information is crucial for assigning suitable tasks to your tribesmen. In the early game, prioritize their current proficiency level for efficient work. However, as you progress through the game, tribesmen with higher maximum skill proficiency will offer more advantages. Those with greater weapon proficiency are better suited for accompanying you in battles, but we’ll delve into this later.

Once you’ve assessed the tribesmen’s preferred tasks, you can assign them accordingly. However, before doing so, some preparations are necessary.

If you’ve designated a tribesman for harvesting, ensure they have the appropriate tool: Hover over the tribesman, hold [E] to access their bag, and equip a scythe (for gathering bushes and other resources). Alternatively, you can place the tool in the storage box, and the tribesman will retrieve it themselves.

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Afterward, exit the tribesmen bag page. Hover over the tribesman, hold [E], and select [Tribesman Work Assignment].

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Steps To Follow:

  • Choose [Harvest] as the task.
  • For the [Work Location], you have two options: either select your [Bonfire] or press [R] to set a custom marker.
  • Then, in [Work Location], choose your custom marker, and your tribesmen will begin working within a 30-meter radius centered around the marker.
  • Ensure the marker isn’t too distant from your bonfire, as tribesmen can’t work too far away. Also, prioritize safety at the work location to prevent attacks on your tribesmen.
  • Confirm “harvest” as the task and ensure a [Scythe] is placed in the tribesman’s bag.
  • Specify a storage destination, and your tribesman will deposit the gathered resources into the designated storage box, bonfire, or crafting table.
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Instructions You Need To Follow:

To confirm and initiate tasks, press [E] and click the taskbar, then tap [Space] to start the tribesman’s work. If the tribesman hasn’t begun, check if they lack necessary tools (axe for logging, scythe for harvesting, pickaxe for mining), or if the work location is too distant. To adjust assignments, press [E] to confirm settings.

If a tribesman has multiple tasks, click the taskbar and drag tasks to change their priority order.

You can select storage boxes on the Tribesman Work Assignment page. After gathering resources, tribesmen will deposit them into the assigned storage box, improving resource organization.

To set up storage boxes, open the box page and press [L] to specify the type of supplies. Consider renaming the box for easier identification. Press [G] to sort items from the bag into respective storage boxes.

To assign tribesmen to manage the Crafting Table, such as the Carpenter’s Table, press [P] in the interface and select a tribesman. The yellow marker indicates their role. Hover over [Plank], then press [D] to set up a crafting task, adjusting the item quantity. If you have the required materials, the tribesman will retrieve them and start crafting.

Once you’re comfortable with these tasks, consider recruiting more tribesmen and expanding your production capabilities. Eventually, you may establish a fully automated production line.

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