Starfield Showdown Quest: Strikers vs Disciples – Which One To Pick?

Starfield Showdown Quest: Strikers vs. Disciples – Which One To Pick? – Your final choice will ultimately define the conclusion of the quest. The following guide will help players get started with the quest and talk about what happens when you choose either of the two sides. 

Starfield Showdown Quest: Strikers vs. Disciples – Which One To Pick?

It is the same with the Showdown quest, where players have to decide whether they want to keep on helping the Strikers or go against them and link up with their enemies, the Disciples.

Players will have to locate the NPC Digger Zemin in Ebbside in order to get the details about the quest.

Once you get out of the spaceport elevator into Neon Core, move to your left and do a full U-turn to get out of Ebbside through the door present ahead of you. This is where you will find Digger Zemin on the ground to your left. 

Starfield - Digger Zemin

Once you interact with him, you will find out about the animosity between the Strikers and Disciples, with the former taking shelter in Madame Sauvage’s Place.

You will find Andrea as you move inside, and you will be taken to meet the boss, Briggs, who will give you three tasks as the quest begins.

The first task is The Audition, where players have to steal a Disciples slate from a warehouse. The second is called Display of Power, where you have to hack into a few terminals present in Neon Core and show the Strikers’ logo.

After completing these two tasks, the Showdown part of the quest will begin. 

Starfield - Briggs

Before the actual fighting begins, you have the chance to acquire more improved armor for the team by visiting Newill Goods. It says the cost is 8,000, but you can reduce it to 5,000 through Persuasion.

Nevertheless, whether you visit or not, the Showdown will commence with players being asked to clear out three groups of the Disciples present across the upper platforms of Ebbside.

Players can request the first group to exit or take them out while the second group will charge at you on sight, so fighting is inevitable here. The final group will have a proposition for you. 

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Joining the Disciples in the Showdown 

With the last group coming towards you, there is Holt, who will give you an enticing offer. He will ask you to take out the Strikers for Credits or perish yourself.

If you take up the offer, then go back to Madame Sauvage’s Place and inside the gang area upstairs before finishing off each member present here.

The list includes Briggs, Andrea, Hatchet, and Vogal to finish the quest and get yourself the Street Sweeper Rare Pistol, 6,000 Credits, and 100 EXP. 

Staying with the Strikers in the Showdown

Players who refuse the offer from Holt will engage in a battle with the Disciples and, after seeing them off, go to the warehouse containing the Strikers.

Briggs will ask you if you want to start on your own or take the group, and no matter your choice, there will be fighting that follows, and you have to defeat all of the enemies.

You will earn 100 EXP, 10,000 Credits, the Street Sweeper Pistol, and get the money back for the armor if you had bought it earlier on. 

Starfield - Dexler

After you are finished, Owen Dexler and Neon Security will come and ask the Strikers to join Neon Security in order to control the Disciples and keep themselves safe.

Players are aware that Neon Security is corrupt, and even after discussing this with Briggs, the Strikers will take up the offer posed by Dexler. 

Therefore, it is felt that sticking with the Strikers in the Showdown quest is a better deal for players, given that the loot is more here, and you will end up getting weapons, too.

That is why you will benefit more in the long run with this approach.

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