Starfield: How To Get Shielded Cargo Hold

Starfield: How To Get Shielded Cargo Hold – Players traveling to new planets with civilians in Starfield will have to unpack their goods and get scanned. You may get arrested after that, given you carry contraband that is not legal there.

For those players who have faced these issues before, it would help to have a shielded cargo hold in the game. In that regard, the following guide will allow players to acquire the shielded cargo hold in Starfield.

Starfield: How To Get Shielded Cargo Hold

Shielded cargo holds cannot be found with straightforward and honest sellers since they are used for less-than-ideal purposes.

That is why players will not get them at places like the ship services at New Atlantis. Therefore, players must journey to specific locations in the game to locate dealers with these items.

  • Players have to find the Porrima star system, and based on where your current location is, you could have to first head to a star near you before ultimately landing up on the Porrima star, which itself is a few star systems apart from Sol.

Starfield - Porrima III

Once you reach, head to the Red Mile colony on Porrima III, with the location already present on your map, meaning you can simply use fast travel to get there.

As you get to Red Mile, talk with Lon Andersson, present within the facility directly in front of you and up the stairs. There is the ship services desk behind, which is the office occupied by Lon Andersson.

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Starfield - Red Mile

You will have to interact with Lon in order to get some modifications done on your ship. Get inside the Ship Builder menu and go to the Cargo tab, which is where you will find the “shielded” term for the cargo hold.

This is the shielded cargo hold we are looking for, and they differ in terms of design and maximum capacity, meaning you can choose from a range of options.

Starfield - buying shielded cargo hold

This is the easiest way to grab the shielded cargo holds in the game. Players who wish to get more through fighting can watch for Crimson Fleet starships as they carry the shielded cargo holds, too. You must commandeer the ships to get them, but it is worth the effort.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the shielded cargo hold in the game. They will come in handy as you visit more and more new places, so ensure you keep them with you whenever possible.

Last Updated on September 6, 2023

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