Starfield – The Hammer Falls – Kill Ron Hope or Accept Bribe?

Ron Hope will try to get out of this highly sticky situation by offering you a deal of 20,000 Credits in exchange for your silence. On the other hand, you can take him out altogether in the game. But which is the more suitable option in the overall scheme of things? 

Starfield – The Hammer Falls – Kill Ron Hope or Accept Bribe?

Players will only have to accept one of the two available choices. There will be no use trying to persuade Ron Hope to give up, as he will only make you feel more guilty and blame it on you. That is why you must either take him or accept the bribe he offers.

Starfield - Save ron hope

Players going through the Freestar Collective Ranger faction quest, The Hammer Falls, will be faced with a stark choice.

After revealing that the corrupt villain at the center of the scandal is head honcho Ron Hope, you can attack him with the proof in Starfield.

Killing Ron Hope in The Hammer Falls

If you decide to remove Ron Hope, you must finish him off along with his three guards. Birgit saw the crimes of Ron Hope and is shocked, and based on how your dialogues have progressed, she will be hopeful or full of judgment. A vice president will be installed in place of Ron Hope. 

When you return to Akila City, it will come as a real shock to Marshal Daniel Blake that you had to remove a member of the council in this manner.

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However, Helga will support you, and you will also prove your point by displaying the Slate with the evidence given by Paxton before he died, which will clear your name. 

Starfield - Choices ron hope

Saving Ron Hope in The Hammer Falls

Players will have only one chance to accept the 20,000 Credits at the first instance. If you dither or delay the opportunity, then you will not be able to get it back again.

Ron Hope takes the Slate himself, which has the proof against him.

You have to return empty-handed to Marshal Daniel Blake and tell him a lie to protect the fact that Ron Hope escaped.

While the Marshal is not happy to learn that the disease is not wiped out entirely but only healed momentarily, you will still be promoted by him. 

Therefore, it means that no matter your choice, you will get your promotion to a full-time ranger and be rewarded with the Freestar Collective Ranger attire, spacesuit, and the very powerful Justicier Shotgun. So, you can choose your path depending on your conscience and what you plan to do now. 

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