How to Farm Spoils of Conquest in Destiny 2

It has only been a few weeks since Season 17 of Destiny 2, named Season of the Haunted, has arrived on the shooter, and fans of the title are already busy exploring all the new content that the new update has brought to the game.

The regular flow of new content has helped Destiny 2 grow significantly over the past few months, and it has also brought many new players to the game.

If you’re a new Destiny 2 player, you can find yourself in need of ‘Spoils of Conquest,’ which is a form of currency in Destiny 2. It was first introduced in the Beyond Light expansion of Destiny 2, and can be used to purchase Deep Stone Crypt gear, Vault of Glass gear, and other exotics.

spoils of conquest how to get

Destiny 2: How To Get Spoils Of Conquest

Getting Spoils of Conquest in Destiny 2 is a fairly easy task and can be done once you assemble a squad for raids.

Every raid in Destiny 2 will reward you with Spoils of Conquest upon completion. 

You can get Spoils of Conquest in Destiny 2 through these raids:

  • Vow of the Disciple (Encounter) – x5 Spoils
  • Vow of the Disciple (Hidden Chest) – x5 Spoils
  • Vault of Glass (Subsequent Encounters) – x5 Spoils
  • Vault of Glass (Hidden Chest) – x5 Spoils
  • Legacy Raid Encounters – x3 Spoils
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Players can obtain up to 30 Spoils of Conquest per raid clear on completion of the Vow of the Disciple raid if they manage to find the hidden chests.

Players can also choose to farm the Vault of Glass or Vow of the Disciple encounters to earn Spoils of Conquest. With a proper team, players can choose to kill the Vault of Glass raid’s Templar boss to get Spoils of Conquest even more efficiently in Destiny 2.

Each time you manage to kill the boss, you’ll be rewarded with five Spoils of Conquest. This process can be repeated to get as many Spoils of Conquest as you want in Destiny 2.

Last Updated on October 22, 2022

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