Starfield: Pay or Change Percival’s Debt, or Kill Spacer Leader Quiz

Starfield: Pay or Change Percival’s Debt, or Kill Spacer Leader Quiz – You will have the choice of canceling the debt, giving it yourself, or taking out the local Spacer leader, followed by completing research that will also accomplish the task. 

Starfield: Pay or Change Percival’s Debt, or Kill Spacer Leader Quiz

There are several choices for players in almost every quest of Starfield, and it is the same with Delivering Devils.

You will have to find Dr. Percival Walker, but there is a catch, as he has a debt that has to be settled with Mars’ Trade Authority.

After finishing the first mission with The Vanguard, you will get the Delivering Devils quest. You must bring a sample to Dr. Percival Walker, present within the mining colony Cydonia.

The debt mentioned above refers to Percival selling fake drugs illegally to Trade Authority consumers.

Starfield - changing debt

The Trade Authority will ask you to look for Lou, a friend of Percival. After interacting with Lou, you will realize two choices: clear the total debt or locate a computer terminal to decrease it and then pay it.

As you exit the bar, you will get a third choice of taking out the Spacer leader in the area, enabling Percival to conduct drug research.

Paying off Percival’s debt

Percival has a debt of 21, 867 Credits so if you pay it all off, the Mars Trade Authority will be on its way, and you can tell Lou that the debt is paid.

You will find out that Percival is present in the Abandoned Mines with a key to go into the furthest part. You must take down all the Spacers you encounter as you go along, so be careful.

Altering Percival’s debt and paying it

You will come across the computer terminal connected to the Trade Authority. You must head in through the Broken Eagle bar, inside the massive door behind the counter.

The computer can be found going up the stairs and through the walkway. Once you get down a few stairs, there is a locked door with the computer. You have to use a Digipick, and when you are at the computer, you can decrease the debt to 10,000, 5,000, 2,000, 1,000, 500, 50, or 1 Credit(s).

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Starfield - Broken Eagle bar

Players are recommended to keep it at 1,000 Credits so as not to raise the suspicions of the Mars Trade Authority. You will also have a lot of loot in the room, including a Lacerate Coachman shotgun that gives the Bleed Effect.

After changing, head to the Trade Authority, who will think the company has decreased the debt out of pity and will believe you. Once this is done, the rest of the process is the same as the previous one, with Lou only mentioning that the debt was decreased.

Killing the Spacer Leader and Completing Research

Players must head directly to the Abandoned Minremoveke out of the guard Spaces, one of whom will drop an item to start the Mantis quest. As you get inside the mine, finish off the Spacers, and you will soon reach the end where the Spacer Leader is present.

You have to fight it, and once done, you will be within a research lab that holds some contraband as well, so search around well.

Starfield - Hunting percival

You will now have to collect a mineral sample and process it to carry it to Cydonia via the elevator and bring it to their contact to sell it to the Trade Authority, and the dialogues show the same. Once you have sold it, you will receive 1,300 Credits along with Percival’s debt being paid off.

Now, get back to Lou, who will tell you that Percival is in the Abandoned Mine. You will now be able to access portions that were earlier locked, and once you meet him, you will see the delivered sample, thereby moving the Delivering Devil quest to the next plot point.

Pay or Change Percival’s Debt, or Kill Spacer Leader – Which One To Pick?

Starfield - Finding Percival

The best way is a tie between decreasing Percival’s debt grabbing the loot present in the computer terminal room and clearing the Abandoned Mine by killing the Spacer Leader in Starfield, leading to the research being finished and negating the debt.

Both these methods will result in significant gains for the player and lessen the amount you have to pay to the Trade Authority.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the possible choices of Percival Walker in Delivering Devils. You can choose the path you like the most from the options above, and they will all have varying outcomes.

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