Starfield: All Earth Landmarks, Easter Eggs, & Snow Globe Locations

The following guide will help players locate all the remaining monuments of Earth, Mars, and Luna, including what needs to be done to access them.

Starfield: All Earth Landmarks, Easter Eggs, & Snow Globe Locations

Players can explore Earth, Luna, Mars, and several other bodies in outer space of Starfield. However, our Earth is a lot different in the game, with some monuments and structures only having survived.

US Bank Tower (Los Angeles)

Players must enter the HopeTech building and reach the topmost floor through the stairs. There is a set of double doors, yellow in color, that will grant you access to Director Ron Hope’s office. You will have to grab the Hope Family Tree book, which will be present to the right of his table.

However, you can only steal it after you have the Stealth skill and crouch down, enabling the meter to hit Hidden. It is a concise window of time, so make sure you grab the book quickly.

After acquiring it, you will turn on the “Visit the Los Angeles Landmark” activity, and once you choose it, players will head over to the US Bank Tower and the Snow Globe.

Gateway Arch (St. Louis)

Starfield - St. Louis Arch

You will have to acquire The Prince of Destiny book. It is present on a table in a penthouse in Neon, with the occupant being Benjamin Bayu, who is the mayor.

You have to lift the key from Bayu’s pocket, and he can be located at Boot 4 in the Astral Lounge’s VIP section.

Get behind him quietly and steal the key to the penthouse. Once that is done, head to the elevator to the outside left of the Astral Lounge, which has a new option now of going straight to the penthouse.

You will find the necessary book on the desk, and grabbing it will unlock the Gateway Arch activity. Go to Earth and get there to see the Snow Globe.

The Shard (London)

Starfield - The Shard

The first location you will get after purchasing or obtaining Oliver Twist is the Activity of Visit, the London landmark. You can find the book in many places, with one of the most famous bookstores in Akila City, Sinclair’s Books.

You will find the way to The Shard now, so head over there and choose the Activity to see the Snow Globe.

Apollo Lunar Lander (Luna)

Starfield - Luna Apollo

It is very simple to turn this Activity on, and you can do it once you reach The Lodge, where the Constellation resides. Go up the stairs and move right, going through the second batch of double doors and into the hallway.

Go down the hallway, and there is a second set of doors to the left, and this is Matteo’s room. It has small cherry blossom trees and a brown/green bed. You will find Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal here on a table, and as you grab it, the Visit the Apollo Landmark mission is unlocked.

Egyptian Pyramids (Cairo)

Starfield - Pyramids

Players at Sinclair’s Books should also purchase The Ancient Civilization of Egypt, as you may not find it elsewhere.

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Once done, you will automatically get the Visit the Cairo landmark added to your missions, and you can choose the Activity to get the location of the Snow Globe.

Opportunity Mars Rover (Mars)

Starfield - Mars Rover

You will have to reach the NASA Launch Tower in the main storyline. You will get a history exhibit in the tower with one of the artifacts related to the Mars Rover.

You must interact with the MER Program Exhibit while on the Unearthed mission. You will now get the Visit the Mars Landmark activity added.

Empire State Building (New York)

Go to the President’s Office within the MAST building in New Atlantis. It is the third highest floor, called the Central Command/Office of the President, in the elevator.

President Abello is blind, and you must crouch behind the desk and get a copy of Our Lost Heritage. You have unlocked the Visit the New York Landmark.

NASA Launch Tower (Cape Canaveral)

It is connected to the main storyline, and once you are going through the Constellation journey, the Unearthed mission will begin.

The snow globe is on the desk in an office at the top of the building. It is not marked like the rest of the snow globes. However, make sure you turn on the Mars exhibit to visit the Opportunity Mars Rover.

Abeno Harukas (Osaka)

This is also part of the faction quest you must complete in the Echoes of the Past main storyline, making it part of the ongoing rivalry between Crimson Fleet and Sys Def. You will be directed to the Lock, which is a prison on Suvorov in the Kryx system.

You will only find it here, and there are a bunch of cells to unlock, with the book Diary of Kyosuke Nagata being in one of them. Once you get the book, the Visit the Osaka Landmark activity is opened. You will also gain a copy of the same book at Sinclair’s Books.

Burj Khalifa (Dubai)

You will get a mission called Breaking the Bank in the UC Sys Def vs. Crimson Fleet storyline. You have to get on the cruise ship called Siren of the Stars, and the book you are looking for is called Race To The Heavens, present within a VIP room. After you grab it, the Visit the Dubai Landmark activity is unlocked.

Shanghai Tower (Shanghai)

You will find the book needed in the Porrima star system while you are orbiting Porrima II in the ECS Constant. This ship has left Earth and has no idea of the technology that has been advanced in the time.

Get on the ship and go to the Classroom. You have to go up the stairs heading to the Command Bay and Engineering and move directly to the catwalk into the room with trees.

The Classroom is on the other side, to your right. The book is known as Essentials of Modern Macroeconomics, and it is present on a shelf behind the teacher.

International Commerce Center (Hong Kong)

You have to go to New Homestead on Titan, the moon of Saturn. There is a museum area, and to the right of the steps, you will find Maurice Lyon’s Journal on an industrial shelf. You will unlock the Visit the Hong Kong Landmark activity just by grabbing it.

Thus, that is all the information you will need about the different landmarks on Earth, Luna, and Mars. You will find most of them as you journey along in the game, while a few will need extra hunting.

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