Starfield: Steal Kumiho’s Slate Or Convince Benjamin Bayu

 It is not an easy task or choice to make. If you are caught stealing, the Syndicate group will become your enemies, making life more difficult. In that regard, the following guide will help players in making their decision as to what is most rewarding.

Starfield: Should You Steal Kumiho’s Slate Or Convince Benjamin Bayu

Players often come across Mayor Benjamin Bayu in Starfield as they roam across Neon. Several missions are connected to him, with the Guilty Parties one being particularly interesting.

He will allow you to move around freely through the area of the Syndicate, but there is a twist: you have to steal the Slate of Kumiho.

He will be surprised when you reach Benjamin Bayu to get his permission to go inside the Syndicate area.

However, he does indicate that you will be expected not to do anything terrible while you are there, with your main goal being that Imogene exits with you, which will benefit both you and Bayu.

Starfield - Benjamin Bayu

Nevertheless, Benjamin Bayu will ask you to steal the Slate of Kumiho, and the sole way to avoid it is by persuading him that the present conditions are enough for gaining benefits.

Players who can finish the Persuade mini-game will be at an advantage, and then Bayu will give his permission to go to the Syndicate area. That is all, and you do not have to do anything more in the Guilty party’s mission.

Starfield: Stealing Kumiho’s Slate

Those players who take on the task of stealing Kumiho’s Slate will have to prepare for a lot of stealthy movement and sneaking around. This is combined with your task of finding Imogene, but that can be done later.

Players must get inside the Syndicate Hideout and stay on the first floor. There is an unlocked door stating Secure Access.

Go there, and you will find a lot of Syndicates having weapons. Go to the second floor, move right, and carry on until you pass two Syndicate guards. This is where you have to climb to the rafters located above you.

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Starfield - Secure Access

Once you get there, search for the vents in the middle of the room. Unlock them and get inside. Make sure you stick to the left so you will come across the next set of vents that need to be unlocked.

Get along inside the vents, and you will eventually get to an open hatch and fall inside. Kumiho is in this room, so be sure you are well hidden, and her location is confirmed. You have to stay out of sight until Kumiho returns to her desk and gets to it with her Slate on the right side of the table.

Starfield - Kumiho's Slate

You will have to sneak around at all times to avoid detection. The final task is to get hold of Imogene, which was the main reason why the Syndicate allowed you entry, meaning it will cause no issues.

Starfield: Which is the better option?

While it is not too difficult to steal the Slate of Kumiho, doing stuff for Benjamim Bayu may not be something you would not connect yourself with. He is a shady character and is not too trustworthy.

You can go down either path for now, while the reaction to stealing the Slate will most likely be revealed in the aftermath of the Ryujin Towers mission.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Guilty Parties mission’s specific dilemma of what to do in this scenario.

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