Starfield: Photo Mode Guide – Location and How To Use

There is a way in the game in which you can capture any moment of Starfield. It is called Photo Mode and is nothing new in the gaming community. From GOW Ragnarok all the way to Forza Horizon 5, all these AAA titles include these.

In this guide, we will see all the key binds for Photo Mode and the location where your photos are saved on the PC. This will help you access them better for later use.

Starfield: Photo Mode Guide – Location and How To Use

Exploring the world of Starfield makes you wonder whether you can capture the scenic spectacles or not. The answer to this is YES! The Photo Mode included in Starfield enables you to do so without any issues. But first, let us see where you can find these Photos or Screenshots.

Here is the Location for Starfield’s Photos or Screenshots you take:

  • This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Users > *Your User Name* > Documents > My Games > Starfield > Data > Textures > Photos

Starfield Photo Mode Screenshot Location PC

Alternatively, you can simply type “Documents” in the Windows Search Bar and navigate the folders from “My Games” all the way to the Photos Location Inside the Starfield Folder. That is where all your Screenshots and Photo Mode captures would be located.

Keybinds for Photo Mode in Starfield

Knowing all the Keybinds for Photo Mode in Starfield will enable you to navigate the menu with ease and take a quick snap of your favorite locations and sceneries. Here are the controls for Starfield’s Photo Mode:

Reset SettingsV
Toggle UIT
Next ModeR
Move Camera Up Mouse 2
Move Camera DownMouse 1
Previous CategoryQ
Next CategoryE
UpUp Arrow
DownDown Arrow
LeftLeft Arrow
RightRight Arrow
Toggle HeadtrackingX
Toggle HelmetZ

How To Use The Photo Mode In Starfield (Best Settings)

Please note that Photo Mode cannot be enabled during certain cutscenes and dialogues. Otherwise, press Esc on the Keyboard and open up the “Photo Mode” Option from there.

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Starfield Photo Mode menu

Starfield immediately enters photo mode, where you have the following options to play around with:

Camera Settings (Photo Mode)

  • Camera Type – Free / Orbital / Selfie (If the character is there)
  • Field of View
  • Camera Roll
  • Depth of Field
  • Strength
  • Near Start
  • Near Plane

Screen Settings (Photo Mode)

  • Brightness
  • Saturation
  • Contrast

Filters and Texture Settings (Photo Mode)

  • Filters (Intensity if Enabled)
  • Vignette Intensity
  • Texture Category
  • Texture (Intensity if Enabled)

Frame Settings (Photo Mode)

  • Frame Category
  • Frame (Type)

Photo Mode Options In Starfield

After you have tweaked the settings to your liking, Press “Spacebar” on your Keyboard to capture the screenshot, you can then access the photo from in-game by going to the “Photo Gallery” option.

As I showed above, if you want to access the image outside the game, simply follow the path I have shown above, and you can gain access to the image for your personal use as well.

Here are some tips I wanted to share that can help you take a clear picture. Take these tips with a grain of salt since they can differ from person to person. These are some examples of how one should tweak the Photo Mode Settings.

I generally use a Medium FOV for a balance of the image and the background. After that, you can use any frame as per your preference. I personally use the “Branded Logo”. 

After that, there are a wide range of filters to use. For example, in the following image, I used Bloodshot Filter, which worked well with the Glowing Star in front of the Ship:

Starfield photo mode guide and tips

You can adjust the Brightness and Contrast accordingly so that the Image does not blow up too much and it has a decent balance of visuals and lighting (if you have any).

You can also use “Selfie Mode” if you are using the character in the photo or screenshot.

Thus, that is all the information I had to share in this guide for Starfield Photo Mode Binds, Location for Photos, and a general walkthrough. Let me know how you are enjoying the game. 

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Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on February 3, 2024

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