Starfield – Best Vendors In New Atlantis – Where To Sell

While the initial stages of the game involve fending off pirates and engaging in the main storyline, eventually, players gain access to vendors where they can sell their stockpiled items. This comprehensive guide will dive into the specifics of where and how you can cash in on your valuable loot in New Atlantis.

starfield vendors where to sell items new atlantis

Best Places To Buy/Sell Items In New Atlantis

List of Starfield Vendors in New Atlantis

Here’s an extensive list of vendors and merchants in New Atlantis where players can sell their items:

Trade Authority Kiosk

As soon as you disembark on New Atlantis and land with your starship, you’ll notice a convenient Trade Authority kiosk adjacent to the starship technician. Interact with this kiosk to unload any items you’ve collected along your journey. However, it’s essential to note that this kiosk is strictly for selling; you cannot make purchases here.

Jemison Mercantile

The bustling hub of commerce in New Atlantis is the spaceport’s very own Jemison Mercantile. This general goods store is your go-to destination for offloading various items. While here, consider stocking up on digipicks, which can be handy for multiple in-game purposes.

UC Surplus

Located near Jemison Mercantile, an elevator can transport you to The Well. Upon arriving, you’ll find UC Surplus, a store specializing in weapons and gear. Here, you can cash in on any extra weaponry and equipment acquired during your adventures.

Trade Authority

Situated across from the UC Surplus store, the Trade Authority is a well-guarded establishment specializing in the trade of stolen goods and contraband. If you’ve strayed into morally ambiguous territory in the game, this is where you can make a tidy profit.

Apex Electronics

Nestled between UC Surplus and Trade Authority, Apex Electronics may not seem impressive at first glance. However, it’s a treasure trove of digipicks, and you can even embark on a quest with Vicente Salinas to access a hidden weapons store in the rear of the shop.

UC Distribution

Near MAST headquarters, you’ll discover UC Distribution, an official distribution center. Here, you can purchase and sell various goods, making it a versatile option for players.

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Centaurion Arsenal

For those seeking to buy or sell weapons specifically, Centaurion Arsenal is the place to go. You’ll find this specialized weapons store in the Residential District.


If you’re in the market for clothing to wear underneath your spacesuit, Outland, an apparel store located in the Commercial District, offers a diverse selection of attire.

Additional Services and Tips

Aside from the vendors mentioned above, New Atlantis also provides players with access to essential services and establishments:

Medical Supplies

Players can acquire medical supplies from Reliant Medical near MAST HQ or visit the Med Bay in The Well for their healthcare needs.

Regarding sustenance, CJ’s in the Residential District offers food items. However, New Atlantis boasts many dining options, including numerous restaurants and Terrabrew Coffee stations scattered throughout the city.

For a more upscale culinary experience, Pioneer Tower in the Residential District and Whetstone on the second floor of the Commercial District are highly recommended.

Starfield New Atlantis Vendor FAQ

For those seeking quick answers to common questions about vendors in New Atlantis, here’s a helpful FAQ:

Q: Where can I sell items in New Atlantis in Starfield?

A: Once you reach New Atlantis, several vendors buy items: Trade Authority kiosk near the starship technician, Jemison Mercantile at the spaceport, UC Surplus by The Well entrance, Trade Authority opposite UC Surplus, Apex Electronics between UC Surplus and Trade Authority, UC Distribution near MAST headquarters, and Centurion Arsenal in the Residential District.

Q: Which vendors in New Atlantis allow selling specialized or contraband items?

A: The Trade Authority kiosk lets you sell items, but you can’t buy there. You’d want to head to the Trade Authority store across from UC Surplus for stolen goods or contraband.

Q: Where can I buy food and medical supplies in New Atlantis?

A: You can get medical supplies at Reliant Medical near MAST HQ or the Med Bay in The Well. For food, try CJ’s in the Residential District, Terrabrew Coffee Stations, Pioneer Tower in the Resident District, or Whetstone in the Commercial District.

With this comprehensive guide, players can confidently navigate New Atlantis, making the most of their adventures by managing their inventory and resources effectively. Happy trading, explorers!

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