Starfield – Red Tape Blues – How To Dock and Guide

Players in Starfield will be able to take up the Red Tape Blues side mission by visiting Cydonia and assisting the miners. This will give you the newest job as a mining assistant, and you will have to dodge the rules somewhat here. So, how do players complete it, and what challenges will you face? The following guide explains everything there is to know about the mission.

Starfield: How To Complete Red Tape Blues Mission

As players land on Cydonia for the first time, a new activity will come up in your mission log that will require you to “Speak to Trevor.” Once you do that, the Red Tapes Blue mission will begin in Starfield.

Players must get inside the Mining Colony of Cydonia to locate Trevor and move straight. There will be a set of stairs you come to eventually, which you have to take down to the lower level and meet Trevor beside a bunch of mining stuff.

Starfield - Meeting Trevor

Once you begin interacting with Trevor, select the line, “I used to do mining for Argos.” This will lead Trevor to reveal the details of an activity “off the record,” and you have to take it up now.

Now, you must begin the task by mining 10 pieces of iron. You need a Cutter for the task, the same laser beam weapon used to mine on Argos when you began Starfield. For players who have sold off their Cutter, you can repurchase it via the same merchant or get a new one from Denis Averin, whose shop is to the right of the level above.

You will find a lot of iron in and around the area, so use your scanner to locate them quickly. You will notice them immediately as they come across as blue or green colored marks. As you have your Cutter now, fire the laser toward the rock, which will break, giving you a single piece of iron for the Inventory.

After you have finished, there will be an orange cart with which you have to interact to give the iron ore before talking with Trevor again. You have to accept the offer of becoming his assistant in the game.

Players now have to reach Deimos Staryards, a space station around one of the moons of Mars. You will locate it on the Sol map and can fast-travel after that.

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Get near the space station and choose the name before docking there. Use the computer present on the space station to apply for the “Job Posting: Executive Assistant.”

Players have to fill out the questionnaire with their answers related to their last experience and information about whiskey, with the good news being that the answers do not affect the outcome.

Starfield - Office empty

How To Dock?

You have to target the Staryard by pressing A on the controller and X on the keyboard. After targeting the Staryard it will give you an option to either dock or hail in Starfield.

Once you have finished, head back to Cydonia and talk to Trevor. He will tell you to visit the HR Office on the floor above and to the left. The computer of Tia Wu is towards the end of the room, and players have to hack into it to remove all the remaining job applications but yours.

However, if you hack into the computer before the employees have exited the office at 17:00, you will invite a bounty, so it is best to wait in the chair as you will not be in trouble.

After Tia and everyone else go, get on the computer and choose “job applications” before “delete all other applications.” Go back to Trevor after you are done, and this will signify the finish of the Red Tape Blues side quest. Trevor will give you a considerable amount of credits, and the next side mission, Red Tape Runaround, will begin on its own now.

Thus, that is all the information for players looking to finish this quick side mission. It does not take much, and you only have to remain cautious of the other miners during the hacking phase.

Last Updated on September 18, 2023

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